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  1. If you email the shop, they'll be able to help you out, Cryssie. I did, thank you! :)
  2. I wonder if there's a chance to upgrade to a package from weekend ticket? If yes, how does it work? I have already a few photos and talk tickets bought, could their price get included into the new package's price or could I get a refund for them? Thanks for the help in advance. :)
  3. Actually I've just realised the reason! They considered the 600 quids transaction a suspicious activity! I had to confirm that it was genuine! Now all calm... :)
  4. I tried to verify mine, but got back a reply that my bank declined it, however it shouldn't have. Can it be bc I have a debit card? I'm at loss. Sent you an email, TooTall, hope you can help me.
  5. That's damn sad, however not surprising. It's like part of me dying, an awesome period of my life coming to an end. I'll terribly miss the Hub cons - the crew, the friends, the fun. I've been to all 7, and they gave me memories I'll never forget. Unfortunately due to work issues I can't attend this last one, so can't say goodbye. Yet, I'd like to believe that I'll still have the chance to see the friends I met during the years. I'll miss you all. *wipes a tear* SM/ME, thank you for the past 4 years, the brilliant guests, the fun and giving me a chance to feel alive and accepted, maybe even loved, to be part of something great, a big family. Thank you for making those weekends the best memories of my life. The Hubs might end, but the memories of those fun times will stay with me. Goodbye, Hub cons. You'll be dearly missed.
  6. Cryssie

    Thank You

    Thank you everyone for the awesome weekend. SM did a fantastic job - Jason, TooTall, I doubted the Sunday schedule esp Barrowman's could be managed without delays, but I was amazed by the result. Hats off. Special thanx to Malcolm for the usual professionalism and the awesome photos. thanks a lot to the crew for the good work, and once again thanks SM for bringing JB back. can't wait for next April. Rock on.
  7. Cryssie

    Hub 7 Schedule

    yeah, the screening and the quiz are great. What I miss from the earlier Hubs are the skits and Jack's room. Those things were fantastic. Too bad they can't be done at every event.
  8. Cryssie

    Hub 7 Schedule

    Thanks for the schedule!! Great to have it in advance, now I can plan the my personal schedule for the weekend. OH MY, AN INTIMATE ENCOUNTER WITH JB???? *dies* I can't afford bidding, so keeping fingers crossed that my one of my raffle tickets will be a lucky one. *now getting excited even more*
  9. Hey friendz! *waves* For the Newbies, I'm Cryssie from Hungary, 33, been to all Hubs cos hooked on the fun at the first and made so many awesome friends that I couldn't stay away. I cosplay Jack and Gwen, this time I guess you'll see me around mostly as Jack - blame the Barrowman. but Gwen might appear at the parties :)
  10. As Morgan has said there is no need to panic. Even if it doesn't arrive in time then all you will need to do is print a copy of your e-mailed order confirmation and bring that (or the receipt if you purchased the ticket at the previous Hub). Along with your photo ID of course Interesting place to put a letter Good. :) Thanks both of you. However, lost mail is nothing new here. Our postal service sucks.
  11. Just wondering if anyone outside the UK has received their reg letter yet? Or is it me whose postal delivery is this slow?
  12. My ticket hasn't arrived yet, but it should be Gold something. And I have been to all Hubs this far.
  13. Silver 59 here. Got it today and I'm outside of the UK.
  14. My thoughts exactly :) And mine too :)) Looking forward to meeting Sharon : )
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