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  1. ackles under my xmas tree please jason!
  2. thanks for being a walking sharpie dispenser Mr StuHat thanks to vicki (who is infact not kell from 3 years ago) for being excellent and the best 1st time crewer ive ever seen thanks to stef for being my tea delivey man thanks to suzi for letting me in her house and willingly share a room with me for 4 days thanks to my awesome guest anthony forrest for being an awesome guest?! thanks to me for buying daveys fags that he still owes me for that is all.
  3. bronson brings the lolz haha good lad with good banter!
  4. kirsty_

    Thank you

    sounds like a strangely familiar scenario
  5. what would i like to see at glasgow 4? mr david b and some of the rest of you lazy southern bitchez
  6. ill be meeting davey.its gonna be friggen sweeeet
  7. such lies christa everyone wants a piece of the jovi nick carter (for shame) david bowie keanu reeves (always has been and always will be!) totally forgot about him.eric from boy meets world aswell
  8. just chuck me some in the post andrea! i put some in edinburgh forbidden planet in august and they were cool with it! :)
  9. i already planned on rounding up some folk and heading to ecplipse 3 now theres time to save,only prob i really have is that its a nightmare to get there from edin! its a shame ecplise 2 sales arent too high but its not really somethin that can be helped.i imgine its mainly credit crunch, as it is humping everything and everyone PS. any chance of a heroes guest for glasgow? i can bribe you with cake...
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