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  1. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to showmasters for putting on a fantastic event yet again this year. The guest list this year was fantastic and being a huge superman fan, the chance to meet Brandon Routh again was amazing. I got 8 of my own items signed by him including figures and photos and he was such an amazing and nice guy and clearly the best guest i have ever met. Please bring him back again in the future so i can get some more of my collection signed!
  2. I spent £120 on 8 Brandon Routh autographs. I am a huge superman and brandon routh fan and he signed my hot toys figure boxes and my medicom figure box along with some pics and my huge painting of him as superman. Awesome guy and really hope he comes back again soon.
  3. I met Brandon Routh on friday morning . Such a fantastic guy. I took along 8 superman items for him to sign and he wrote the message To Andy, thanks for being such a big supes fan on one of my photos. The nicest guest i have ever met and really hope he comes back again soon.
  4. I met Brandon on friday morning and took along 8 of my own items which he more than happily signed for me. He even wrote on one of my pics To Andy, thanks for being such a big supes fan. He was fantastic and such a nice guy. Really hope he comes back to collectormania in the future.
  5. Oh my god, this is truly amazing. I have waited 5 years for this. I met him last time and what a nice bloke. I may well be bankrupt after meeting him again but will be worth it. Showmasters, I think I actually love you.
  6. Steve I love your photo and am with you 110%. you have done absolutely nothing wrong and when paying £35 for an autograph a quick picture is fantastic.
  7. As I started this topic I must apologise if I have upset anyone. Having bought a Italia 90 and a Gascoigne 8 shirt especially for this event to get signed at great expense I was totally gutted when I was told that he was not signing any shirts. Also the fact that he only attended the event for around 3 hours I also feel pretty let down and hope his fee is based on the time he spent there. Gazza is without doubt one of the most gifted players England have ever produced and it is just a shame that he has had so many problems in his personal life and just hope he can sort out any problems he still has. Once again sorry to have upset anyone but starting this topic.
  8. I spoke to the crew member who was taking the money for Gazza and she told me that with no warning he said he was leaving. You could see on her face that the poor lady had a very stressful time dealing with Gazza and other crew members were hugging her and asking if she was alright. After only signing for around 20 minutes he got up and left to buy a coffee. George Cohen was on crutches and had he leg up on a chair yet he was still signing late into the afternoon. I know you do not know what to expect from Gazza but he let alot of fans down today.
  9. Firstly I would like to say that I do not blame showmasters at all for this. Paul Gascoigne was a absolute disgrace today. Not only charging £45.00 for a item but when I got there this morning I was told that he was refusing to sign shirts. Then after the photo shoot with no warning he gets up says he was leaving and was gone by 2pm. Cannot believe it. We all know what Gazza is like but this was just out of order. The 66 guys on the other hand were fantastic as usual and really pleasant and genuinely thanked people for coming to see them. Gazza could learn a thing or to from them. What were other people's experiences with Gazza today?
  10. Gutted at the price of Paul Gascoignes auto on a item. Was going to get 3 shirts signed but at £45 each there is now no chance of that. Does any one else feel that £45 per autograph is far too expensive? Can't imagine he will be very busy at those prices.
  11. Before Howard Kendall pulled out of the event there was a special price of £75 for 7 signatures on a shirt.Howard then pulled out but the price for the other 6 signatures stayed at £75 when i went today.Not really thinking much about it i paid the £75 for the 6 signatures on my shirt but later on i realised that by paying for the signatures individually would have been cheaper by £5! I know a fiver is not much but surely the price should have been reduced once Howard was no longer attending the event. Did anyone else realise this?
  12. Hello,please please bring back Brandon Routh.What a nice guy.With Michael Rosenbaum hopefully attending it could start a superman/smallville theme.
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