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  1. I agree with your comments 100% - and I like PJ a lot, but if they were going to cast a black actor with the requisite acting chops, my personal choice would've been Chiewitol Ejiofor, as I think he'd have that "it" - but obviously not everyone's going to agree with me! And I do get what you mean about a good actor not necessarily making a good Doctor Who - I think it takes an actor with a particularly quirky sensibility to really pull it off; eg, I think Richard Armitage is a good actor (shut up!! ), but he'd be a rubbish Doctor Who. I want to see the publicity stuff for Matt Smith nearer the time of S5 before I make any further judgement on him - better still, I want to at least see Ep 01 of Series 5. But the way the guy's being slagged off left right and centre at the moment is depressing - he seems to be getting it in the neck simply for not being what some people wanted and, basically, for stuff that's not his fault. The other thing that's hacking me off is the way that there already rumours that PJ was cast as Doctor Who, but that people higher up in the BBC vetoed the idea, even though PJ had signed up. I really hope that's not true.
  2. It's a very familiar face, but I can't place him either.
  3. Dr Who gusts? Well, I do remember the Slitheen as being particularly flatulent...
  4. Any chance of someone starting up a similar thread about the fit blokes?
  5. Agreed on all counts. I'm actually concerned for the poor bloke because I'm sure there are those who, if he doesn't achieve and maintain that same "Blink" quality, etc, throughout the first few eps (let alone a whole series) will be slagging him off like there's no tomorrow. I can't help thinking that taking over from RTD is a bit of a poisoned chalice. I don't mind them, but you're right; god they get boring.
  6. Any further news on how Kenny is?
  7. Crikey. Some prize comedy from the late great John Belushi, and Dan Akroyd (before he bloated, personally and professionally), a gloriously OTT car chase, and an absolutely cracking soundtrack. All that and a cameo by Steven Spielberg. What's not to like? Granted it's not one for the cinema verite enthusiasts, but I think it's a belter. Ah, but that's the point - I'm not a fan of John Belushi, and the car chase left me cold; each to their own! Agree about the soundtrack, mind!
  8. All quite old, 'cos due to cost I don't get to the cinema that often, and have to be choosy, but: The Blues Brothers The Commitments Shirley Valentine Swimfan Forrest Gump Anything starring Tom Cruise Anything more recent has been erased from my memory.
  9. This was just coming in as breaking news on the 10pm news bulletin on local radio, and I still can't take it in. Not a major fan, but he struck me as a very talented and likeable bloke, so this is absolutely shocking news and I'm deeply saddened by his death.
  10. I am absolutely and totally devastated. MikeDonovan was the only person I was travelling down to MK to see, and I'm totally gutted, mate. Gutted. I do hope SM will get him for another event.
  11. Kinda OT, but relevant in terms of the "load of Bullochs" quip, is Jeremy's son Robbie still acting? ETA: Apparently Robbie's retired from acting and now works at the Foreign Office...but who knows?
  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! If we have yet another companion going all moon-eyed and gooey over him I shall ...Although apparently, I've heard talk that Billie Piper is in talks to reprise her role as Rose - which I think is ridiculous as for me the show's moved on too far now for her to come back. Besides, the show is called Doctor Who and not Doctor Who and Rose Tyler or The Rose Tyler Show.
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