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  1. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Kurtz-Jo...151362958219683 For those of us who aren't on Facebook !
  2. i might hace to take my sounds key ring and press the ewok button a few times Despite my asking ( and paying for lunch ) my significant other has refused to take my photo in the fish dept, bah !
  3. Excellent - Ewok village it is then. Thanks for the info.
  4. Just wondered if there was anywhere to get food & drink on the day or we need to bring something along. Really looking forward to the day.
  5. Here you go .... trying to get as many pilot sigs as possible ( Technically Darth Vader was one ... )
  6. Outside definitely - I'll post some pics of mine later (at work at present)
  7. Hope so - I am bringing an X-wing helmet to get signed. Never had a problem in the past.
  8. Hi - if it helps I have just cancelled a room at the Heathrow Premier Inn as I can no longer make it .... came in quite cheap and easy way in to London. Stayed there last year and it was very good.
  9. Hi - just a quickie, will ticket holders be given the 'free autographs' i.e. those which come with the tickets on the day or will they be sent afterwards? Would be useful to know which selected ones you get so you don't double up. Also will there be a schedule published so we know what time to get there / when the talks are etc..
  10. Shannon McRandle - Mara Jade and characters in no particular order Ponda Baba ( or walrus man as us oldies originally knew him ) Prune Face Zuckuss ( I know she has been to some other events - forget the name ) any other droids - R5D4?? Yak Face Hammerhead Ugnaughts Aura Sing and any pilots Pleased with the announcements so far though - nice to get some of the production team. Met with Chris Parsons at Empire Day a few years back - really nice guy, he was also K3PO.
  11. Yes, 6 free autographs (1 from each of 6 guests picked randomly). Thanks for the post - didn't understand it and read it to be one autograph in total - good news !
  12. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Kurtz-Jo...151362958219683 Imperial officer / stormtrooper - nice !
  13. You don't need a Facebook account to view the information. Just click the above link. Thanks - I am one of those rare people who aren't facebookers .....
  14. Not exactly next door but Heathrow - nice and easy to get in and out ...
  15. Having watched Robot Chicken SW please can you get Prune Face .....
  16. Any chance of Shanon Mcrandle ( Mara Jade ) ??
  17. Going on holiday soon - anyone got any good suggestions for reading matter? Sort of thing I like is SW / Douglas Coupland / Douglas Adams ...... Your thoughts welcome.
  18. Must have missed this - is it right / are they doing all the films? Oh, and my suggestion would be any SW guests in any way shape or form - particularly cantina creatures
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