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  1. Would be good to get an official post as I have already booked a hotel - don't want to cancel it just in case; gutted if it is the case.
  2. Quick update from @SHOWMASTERS no news as yet .......
  3. Gutted I can't make this - wanted his signature on my x-wing helmet with the others. Bah !
  4. Darn, can't make this - one for mail order methinks...
  5. This year is the year for me to FINALLY get Kenny's autograph.....
  6. Having joined the rest of the world on social media I have sent them a tweet asking about tickets..... about time I joined the rest of the planet Looking forward to it with hotel booked already. Please feel free to follow me - it is quite lonely when none of your mates use it ( how desperate does that sound ..... )
  7. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/disney-buys-lucasfilm-plans-star-wars-202321838.html Have mixed feelings about this. More films excellent, but Disney?
  8. Mine arrived in the post last week. Thanks once again.
  9. Will Christopher Malcolm be available to pre-order?
  10. Good to see Paul Blake ( son of Paul Blake AKA Greedo ) get a medal last night. Go GB Paralympians !
  11. Hi could i check the latest guests will be available via pre orders? Thanks
  12. I hope so too. Been to quite a few events and never had any real problems. I guess waiting is just one of those things ....
  13. Just wondered what the road conditions are like. Thanks
  14. Met him before at a con down in the West Country - really nice guy
  15. There is an open air car park just down from Earls Court, but I don't think that is much cheaper to be honest ( easy to find though ); I don't think you will get much cheap locally. I know it can be expensive but at least you can enjoy the day knowing A) you wont run out of parking and get clamped / towed away or arrive and have to faff about trying to find a space.
  16. Will probably still come along - wouldnt miss it ! - just wondered if there are any SW guests on the horizon ?
  17. All the more reason to go - that's what I did for mine this year .....
  18. Perhaps I have missed it - was the date announced ( or is it 5th May again ) And thanks for the link to the hoody ( as above ) - really cool.
  19. Went before the auction - would be interested to know what things went for ....
  20. Agree - a great day overall and a good location ( smaller than I thought it would be though ). Please go again. The talk by Michael Ford et al was absolutely brilliant - big thanks to them. Perhaps one criticism would be the queues were a bit of a free for all - but didn't take away from the event. Awesome PS but please let us photograph the props (especially the greedo mask and hands) PPS If the guy who was wearing the x-wing pilot hoody is on the forum please tell us where you got it!!
  21. I've been to quite a few, but never met Kenny - perhaps this will be the one !
  22. Staying at Premier Inn - doesn't look too far on the map so not too early a start ! I also thought there were only a handful (relatively speaking) of tickets so hopefully there won't be a mad rush - no hobbits there anyway so should be OK.
  23. Rancor pit - like it. Great information - thanks.
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