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  1. Interesting thanks for that .......... definitely worth knowing before turning up like a complete novice
  2. 'scuse my ignorance but does this mean if I come with someone else and want them to get a photo of me with someone I cant ?? ( sorry to be tedious ! )
  3. No youre not - personally I would prefer to meet the background characters - any chance of Hammerhead ?? that WOULD be cool ..
  4. Cheers for that - and a good way to do it ..... thanks for the info
  5. Compared to other shows down in this neck of the woods ( South ) you are blessed !. There are only so many ORCs you can take !
  6. Dear all veterans ( ! ) I plan to attend CM6 and have been reading through the site , I have a question about autographs - what does virtual queueing mean ? Does it mean you get numbers a la tesco when you come in ? or is it a case of just getting in line and waiting .... Ive been to a couple other shows where you just join a queue but with some of the guests I imagine it could be a loooooong wait !! Thanks
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