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  1. Can't make it Sunday - any change some SW images will be added to the pre-order shop?
  2. Peter Mayhew Shane Rimmer Eve Miles Kenny Baker Ralph Brown Al Matthews Depending on budget of course ...
  3. Not heard of it but trailer looks good - had a look on imdb and Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in it - linked with the SW film......
  4. If it stops me from having to do more gardening it would be a welcome distraction ....
  5. There is an option for friday and my booking gave me until 7 on sunday so assume you can do it.
  6. Thanks will have a look Cheers for that all - have booked up. Not cheap, but worth every penny.
  7. Met him at lfcc aa few years back, really nice guy. Might meet him again though as gi joe is a bit of a guilty pleasure......
  8. Carrie Fisher CM and Nick Frost LFCC. Not enough money on both occasions .....
  9. Handy - just sent a tweet to Showmasters about this - thanks.
  10. Is there a clue in the word cool? Just thinking of some cold related characters .... Mr Freeze, silver surfer, er... anymore?
  11. Being middle aged and sensible I always pre book parkign, it is expensive but well worth it. I forgeet the name of the site that isnt EC but it is easy to find annd only about 5 mins walk. Relativle stress free to get in and out too.
  12. I met Anthony Daniels around 6 years back at a cons and once I got my autograph he actually asked if my son and I would like a picture with him in front of the C3PO standee that was there. He was really nice. Probably said this before but I met AD at an event a few years back and he was great - we got chatting about an anti smoking ad he and Kenny Baker did in the USA. Really great guy. How about a few of the characters from the sail barge scene; and agree Michael Carter would be a good guest.
  13. Having just come back from War Of The Worlds Live! At the local flicks, any chance of getting Jeff Wayne back. Truly brilliant.
  14. Look forward to any news. Shame you couldn't do Elstree again as it was a good event, and good to have some different guests. Fingers crossed for the next one. Tunisia or another 'location ' would be a good call if you could pull it off.
  15. I normally only attend the one day and manage to get everything done ...
  16. Can't believe how many mario games there have been! Looking forward to other game announcements - Command and Conquer, Gorf, Rock n Roll Racing, Jet Set Willy or am I just showing my age?
  17. ​Premier inn at Heathrow, nice and quick to drive in.
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