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  1. I didn't go this summer but have been to plenty in the past. Really enjoyed today and thought it was a pleasant change to have some room; actually had chance to see what the stands had on offer. Met a few of the stormtroopers - great guys all of them. Is it me or are Peter Duncan and Ralph Macchio ageing disturbingly well!!? Cosplay parade was brilliant too, fair play to those who took part. Didn't see who won though ....... anyone know?
  2. Didn't go in the summer, but have been to loads of Showmasters events in the past - always found them to be well organised to be honest. Queues can be a bit of a pain, but let's face it they are part of life....... Employ a bit of common sense and just enjoy the day.
  3. Not really into gaming too much, but how about some of the writers on the old magazines ... Crash / ZZap / Commodore User / Games Master / C&VG etc...
  4. I'd go for that - add them to my X-wing helmet... have a few of them but the more the merrier. Can't work out how to post a pic! X-wing helmet?! Sweet!! Bet it looks really cool, is it the EFX one? Don Post one - have a photo of Angus Macinnes wearing it at a non SM event. Will try and get an image. Got quite a few sigs on it.
  5. I'd go for that - add them to my X-wing helmet... have a few of them but the more the merrier. Can't work out how to post a pic!
  6. One of the new additions to the Star Wars VII cast - get them use to it!
  7. Rusty is a great guy - have met him a couple of times; got a wicked Gonk Droid picture signed.
  8. Could I add a thanks to the team behind pre-orders. Couldn't make a couple events this year - but the orders arrived safely and quickly - really pleased.
  9. WHAT A MILLION POUNDS..... that's 12 herds of Top brand Camels, I could do that, but It may leave me short for NASA training? Don't waste your money - you could have Gareth Bale for a week for that !
  10. Any chance of a group shot / signatures available via the pre-order site? Hope so as I may not be able to make this one ...
  11. Shame I can't come to this - one for a pre-order I think. Anyone who has been in HGTTG has to be a positive ( the original not the film of course )
  12. Something big, Jett Lucas - can only be one thing - life size AT-AT - inevitably not, but it would be cool.
  13. Just thought I would give credit where it's due and say a big thanks to the team for putting on yesterday. I have been to a few LFCC and this was the best by far ( albeit very busy ). The crew must have the patience of saints in that heat. A mention has to go to the crew members for Eve Miles and Charles Martinet; and quite how they got the pre-ordered tickets queue moving so quick at 11 I don't know! Good stalls, good guests - met who I wanted to with little waiting - and the number of people in costumes made it a great day out. As ever the food was overpriced, however it was worth
  14. Maybe not a veteran but I have been to a number of Showmasters events. Just go with the flow - if you went to Glastonbury you wouldn't spend the whole time stressing you haven't seen XY & Z - as you wouldn't enjoy the overall experience. I have never missed out on anyone and always had a good day.
  15. Cheers - thought that was the case - just checking.
  16. It may be posted elsewhere, but would it be safe to assume there will be two queues depending on whether you have bought advance tickets? worked well last time I came ( 2011 ) and all moved nice and quick.
  17. I would second / third whatever the chairs - they would be a welcome addition.
  18. Not going to get there too early I don't think as don't want to queue for ages. Coming with someone who hasn't been before so want to make it a good experience for them too. Just going to take it as it comes !
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