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  1. So long Monkee you sounded ok to me mate.... Especially when they thought you were me.. The thing is Buff..with me getting p*ssed off at being called a pervert and leaving, they will probably accuse yo of being me!!! Good luck mate!!
  2. To my knowledge these are the first UK appearances of any SG Atlantis guests. What isn't there to be impressed about? There will be numerous long term Stargate fans who will be very happy. And on a personal note..I wish some people would stop being so bloody selfish. Just because Showmasters, or any convention organiser cannot get the guest you want, it does not make them bad in any sort of way. Do the people that moan, and mean it with a passion, know the work schedules of the guests you want. An instant example is Amanda Tapping having to cancel for Collectormania. And just because another convention organiser predominantly holds SG1 events, does that mean no one else can? Just because the guest at the event a few weeks after Collectormania is a more familiar face due to his appearances in Millenium, X-Files, AVP and other productions, how do yo uknow that he was available for LFACC2? You don't. Know of you do. At Collectormania Nick Brendan, Tom Lenk, Danny Strong and Adam Busch are appearing. Does the fact that one other long time convention organiser specialises in Buffy/Angel mean that Sowmasters shouldn't have got them? There are some people that need to stop being selfish and see the bigger picture. You can stamp your feet and demand this guest and that. Showmasters may well listen to fans.. But not even they can FORCE guests to attend!!!
  3. A) I am not a boy! I am not a perv in any sense of the word. Perverts disgust me! I am out of here. Have a nice life!
  4. I know what you mean...missing the chance to ask Kristanna Loken for her mobile number :)
  5. I think the only guest I was initially hesitant at saying much to was Andrew Robinson aka Garak from DS9 and the Scorpio Killer in Dirty Harry. He had been a favourite actor of mine ever since I first saw Dirty Harry. Thankfully, he noticed I had picked the photo of him as The Scorpio Killer for him to sign and that broke the ice. The only other stars I would be STAR STRUCK in anyway would be Patrick Stewart (mostly because of his Shakesperian experience), Robert De Niro and Al Pacino (total legends) and Muhammed Ali (a true legend and I am an ex boxer) Just try and be yourself. They are humans after all who do a very public job.
  6. Hey keep me out of this immoral comversation! *Hides* Hey, I am a nice man. A gentle giant. Opens doos for the ladies. Pulls out chairs to let them sit down. Brings flowers. Not the perv Bex thinks I am
  7. Got to side with Valentine here. I myself have "worked with" guests before when I helped at Bristol conventions. With no disrespect to Stewards, who all do a fine job, some of us are P.A.'s to the guests and wait on them hand and foot all weekend. You look after them and make sure they are where they are meant to be etc etc. It is a hard job with the added hassle of some "jealous" attendees who want to do what people like Valentine, Jola and myself have done (and some still do) and get p*ssed off when they cant. At a Blackpool convention I attended purely as a fan, one PA was physically assaulted (scratched badly down her back if memory serves me on the actual part of the body) so a so called fan could get to a guest on the dance floor. So, Giggle, before you start mouthing off at Valentine for such innocent and polite wording....back off!!!!
  8. I have met numerous actors and actresses whose on screen personas are opposite of their own. But, I have also found two actresses who attended two conventions recently who started out shy and then opened up as it was their first events.
  9. But she presumed I was Han Solo rather than asking if I had someone to give a hand
  10. Check out www.play.com as it is selling for £139.99
  11. Janetty filled the BRING THE TEAM DOWN spot like The Anvil did. The only good point the Rockers had was the angle where Michaels sweet shin musiced MJ through the Barber Shop Window!!!!
  12. I found her husband Alexis Denisof to be a great bloke. He was at a convention I attended in Blackpool but had to leave a day early due to interview commitments the film makers would not let him postpone by a day. During his photo session and auto session he made sure everyone who wanted to meet him did. He was polite, friendly and I would pay to see him again. However, people do have off days. That I do not deny. But, when I here of someone I know chasing after him down the street when he is trying to let Alyson have the limelight for her project and said person I know is shouting at him some really freakish stuff, then I can understand how some people may be a bit off sometimes. Once again, the few give a bad impression for the many!!!
  13. oooooooooo!!! I am off to sulk!!! Meanie!!!
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