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  1. There seems to be a lot going on Sunday in Photo C at 4.45 PM... a bit crowded I think. DS9 Group and Peter Kent at the same time.
  2. Sorry, my bad, I misunderstood you then. Still, I don't think the crewmembers should have to check anything but the presence of a badge or wristband. Everything takes time and they are busy as it is.
  3. Thanks for the feedback Jason. Despite the issues, that occurred on the days, it was an awsome show and I hope to be back next year. Keep up the good work.
  4. Thanks for explaning Jason. I agree, no photo, no pass. Or maybe give passes to those who provided photo in due time and strap wristbands on the suckers who didn't provide photos. I don't think all the crewmembers should have to carry around a note with personal details about goldpass holders (as suggested by Bergman) - even if it was only the ones who didn't provide a photo. Crewmembers should be able to easily tell if someone has a goldpass or not. Checking on a piece of paper is too much of a hassle and too timeconsuming.
  5. My experience from the event. My moanings: Queueing outside was bad. There was no sign for goldpass holders and the queue I went past coming from Kensington High st. didn't look well organised (I didn't notice if this was the pay-on-the-day or prepayed queue. Lighting in photoshoots was not good. For the first time I was dissapointed with a photo from Malcolm. I have high praises for that man and his professional way of doing these photoshoots, so I was very surprised to see a glance on Haydens forehead which made her look kind of fake. Lighting in the other photoshoot areas wasn't too good either. But having been to many photoshoots done by Malcolm and always gotten top quality, I was just surprised to see my Hayden photo. Lights went off in the guest area on both saturday and sunday. Don't know what caused this. I don't know if this was in relation to a talk, but nomatter the cause it was very bad for meeting the guests. Sound in all the talks I attended was bad. It was only partially possible to hear the questions - this goes for Talk area A and B, didn't attend anything in C or D. I know this is not likely to happen as I suspect you are using the stalls as a buffer to slow people down before they come to the guests, but since so many guests allow photos at the table (and a huge thanks to Showmasters for encouraging that), then it would be nice if the guests was in the bright area of the hall with sunlight comming through the windows. And maybe also nice for the guests to see the light of day. The chillout room for goldpassholders lacked chairs. The room was bigger than last year + for that, and it had more tables + for that, but what about chairs? My likes: Eventhough the guests was in the darker area of the hall, then lighting was much better than in Earls Court. No issues with colortemperature in the photos. It seemed like you had tried to place the photoshoot areas and talk areas as best you could in regards to each other, and I found it worked fairly well. I couldn't expect anything more with the layout of the venue anyway. At first I was a bit upset that there was now 4 photoshoot areas as it was difficult enough to organise things with just 3 last year. But this also meant that photoshoots ended early this year, so I didn't see the same mad rush at the end of day to get photos. Whenever I felt like it, I was able to walk up and look for photos without being 7 people from the tables. Nice one at that, though I still find 4 simultaneous photoshoots to be pushing it a bit. It continues to surprise me, how many guests allow photos at the table. A HUGE thank you to Showmasters for encouraging this with the guests. At the table getting the autograph, will in my mind always be where the 'meeting' is and therefore where I prefer to have my photo with the guest. I understand of couse, that this is not possible with the more popular guests, yet some guests who I had thought would not, did allow photos at the table. Overall I loved it and I hope to be back next year pending guests and funds in my wallet.
  6. Mine came off as soon as I got back to my hotel Sunday. I see some advantages to this over the normal pass. - It is descretly with you at all times. You don't loose it or forget to take it of for photos. But there is also advantages to the normal pass. - It can be taken off at the end of day. It makes for a better memorial piece of a great weekend. I believe I like the normal pass better, but if this wristband is the future, then I am fine with that as long as I get the perks.
  7. I voted Sunday, but it will really depend on the schedule for my other photoshoots. Is this the actual chair or is it a replica?
  8. What is the number of tickets? I seems to remember at some point the number "100 people" was mentioned. Is that still maximum? Is it possible you could tell us how many Gold tickets there will be? Thanks.
  9. Mine too. Luna is so funny. Will seriously have to consider coming.
  10. In the past I used to buy autographs from private signings. But as it is now, if the person doesn't sign in front of me, then I am not interested. From the poll I would love to get autographs from Max von Sydow and Sean Connery, but only in person, and if the time has passed for that to happen, then so be it.
  11. Why wait? Start saving now. That way, if they are announced - no matter when - you will be able to afford it. I would be willing to pay the price for any from the privious poll. Not so much from this poll - maybe Ian Holm, Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom - though I am not too sure about the last two.
  12. So you are saying anybody who doesn't do it your way can't possibly cherish all their autographs as much as you do your 11? I am sorry but that sounds like crap to me. Each to their own. If you are happy just meeting one or two at each show, then that is fine, but to diminish those who do it the other way is not fine. Just because some may have other priorities or a wider interest of the guests they are meeting doesn't mean they cherish any of their autographs any less than you do your 11.
  13. And if you are not there when they start, you're just let in when you arrive. I heard one guy who said he always waited untill about 5 minutes after the shoot had started, because then the other golds would be gone and he could just walk right up and have his shoot - actually quite clever way to do it.
  14. Am in queue now. Less people than I had thought, allthough it is building up.
  15. The photos on the table are free if you buy an autograph. I met him today. Very friendly guy and quite happy to do posed photos at the table. He wasn't very busy, that might have had something to do with it.
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