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  1. I'm not sure what you mean with "stops before the main queue"? The way it has worked at the Centre was the designated queue was being let in, escorted to the signing area and the tickets were handed out at the signing area. There were reports last year that for Nimoy the door was just opened and the line was told where to go. I wasn't in that line, so I am only going by word of mouth there. I can't see tickets being handed out at entry, that would cause quite a backlog. It has always been at the signing area. Once you have a VT you come back later, yes. Attendees standing in the main line are not supposed to join this line once it's being let in. If you see someone doing it, please alert the crew and the queue jumper will be dealt with. I was at the event last year to see Leonard Nimoy on the Sunday, we queued outside until about 30 minutes before the event, then the doors were opened a few minutes before the main opening time allowing us to form an orderly line leading up to Mr Nimoy's signing area. As the show opened we were given VQ tickets at the front of the line and then dispersed to make our way around the event.
  2. I have only missed 2 English events since SM started (CM1 and CM London 1) one due to not knowing of it and the latter due to illness and they are the only events I recommend to anyone I know. The other major events I can easily miss, either because they concentrate too much on gaming and Japanese culture, neither of which interest me, or because they have the same guests event after event, ususally at the same spot in the same hall. Keep up the great work, and I'll continue to worry my bank manager.
  3. Also a great place to ask for Wil Wheaton and Marc Alaimo, which will keep the Trek fans amongst us happy as well.
  4. Sorry if I'm being pedantic, but isn't her name Catherine Mary Stewart.
  5. If they do get her we have to hope she'll sign for more than a couple of hours.
  6. Christopher Eccleston for the Heroes & Who fans. Brian Henson. Star Wars Main Cast. Any Doctor Who guests. Ken Dodd. John Williams.
  7. When it comes to General Stafford I think most people would be happier paying the requested fee, knowing that the money goes to a good cause than paying a dealer later with only them benefitting. And I say this as a dealer myself.
  8. I'd love to see Frank Oz, especially with the Dark Crystal sequel due in 2011. I know Frank Oz has a reputation as someone who isn't exactly thrilled at the prospect of signing, but I have heard that in recent years he has become a little more amenable. We can always live in hope.
  9. Fantastic news. For too many events I've queued for hours only to have to wait even longer after an event opens for the guests to arrive. You've made my weekend with this.
  10. Get Keeley Hawes to sign on Sunday as well and I may just forgive you.
  11. I would happily part with lots of cash for: Ken Dodd David Tennant Christopher Eccleston Colin Salmon Samantha Bond John Cleese Eleanor Bron More to come when I've thought about it.
  12. I'm hoping that SM will have a Santa giving out prezzies as it's so close to Christmas.
  13. I met him a couple of times in the last couple of years and on both occasions he was mumbling and incoherent, but he did at least show up to events to meet his fans. The guy did have a few personal issues but as has been said by his representatives, he just didn't come across as someone who'd deliberately take their own life. I hope his family can clear up the mystery surrounding his death. On the other hand, if the guy did do a Hutchence, it will only increase his status as a legend. RIP and thank you for taking time out to meet us.
  14. I haven't had time to read through everything but can anyone tell me what happened to Nicholas Parsons on Saturday?
  15. I've always found it beneficial to go on the Friday if the big guests are signing, in this case you'll probably find it a whole lot easier to meet people like Ben Browder and Leonard Nimoy, plus it gives me more time on the other day I attend to concentrate on what I class as my B-list guests, mostly the Doctor Who guests or some of the less well known Star Wars guests.
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