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  1. Batman Comics are the only ones selling them on ebay at the minute for £100 plus! Think Jason needs to have a word!! If there are only 1000 and they have 100 and selling them before LFCC it a joke Batman Comics and Alternate Universe are one and the same, after doing a little digging (well.... the former is a relative of the owner of the latter). So not content with trying to fleece people at £45 a pop (no pun intended ), they're now trying to get over double for them. These things come from Convention Exclusives in the US, and cost about £15 each. So even once you've added on shipping, customs etc for 1,000 of them they're probably still only paying no more than £20 for each one. Selling them for £30 (or even £35, at a push) would kinda be acceptable, but at this it's just plain greed. I think I'll wait until after LFCC when they're stuck with loads and are selling them off.
  2. I know what's in the Hatch (got a friend who saw Season 2, Episode 1 at the party in Hawaii last night). Let me know if you want me to post it. It's my first post in this section of the forum, so wanted to make sure people wouldn't mind if I did post it, because its BBIIGG SSPPOOIILLEERRSS.
  3. Hi @field, I've got mixed feelings about New Avengers - Wolverine is way too over-exposed, so I'm not too please to see him on yet another book. But I am really curious as to who the mystery 8th Avenger is - Marvel have announced that it is someone movie-related - my money is on it being Shang-Chi, Master of Kung fu (he was based on Bruce Lee's character in Enter The Dragon, thus sorta making him movie-related). With Spidey also on the team, the gonna have to change Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, to Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Movie Stars
  4. Hi Aspen, That's fine - I'll get one ordered this afternoon. Speak to you soon
  5. Hi @field, I don't wanna say to much (don't wanna spoil it for anyone), but the person who you are lead to believe is behind it all after #6, isn't. All I'll say is - looks can be deceiving I just hope DC manage to wrap this up a lot better then Marvel have done with the Disassemble story-arc.
  6. Hi Aspen, The signed copy of X-23 #1 will be £12.00 once it is released in January. I'm still looking for the DF halloween special. One of my suppliers has a few issues of Tales of Vampires, but so far I haven't found any signed copies. Speak to you soon
  7. Hi Aspen, I am just waiting for my contacts in the US to let me know what they have in stock, and then I will get straight back to you. Our email address is enquiries@midlandscomics.co.uk if there is anything else you require. Speak to you soon.
  8. Hi Aspen, As far as I am aware, Marvel have no plans to drop New X-Men Academy X. Since they relaunched the title (it was previously New Mutants), I believe that it's sales have steadily increased. We have a few back issues of the title left in stock, along with a Dynamic Forces signed copy of #1. The only titles that Marvel are due to cancel soon (that I know of) are Spectacular Spider-Man (March), NYX (December) and Thor Son of Asgaard (January)
  9. Hi Aspen, We have copies of the Joss Wheddon written Astonishing X-Men titles in stock: #1 Regular Cover DF signed by John Cassaday - £12.00 #1 Del'Otto variant Cover DF signed by John Cassaday - £16.00 Along with unsigned copies of #1 through to #5 (#6 is out on Wednesday). I'll do some more hunting to see if I can find out what else was in the Halloween set.
  10. Hi Aspen, I've just looked through the 'Just In' section, and still no joy - can you let me know any of the issues that were included in the set, and I'll see if I can find anything that way. By the way, if you require any Aspen back issues, my supplier in the US has lots, so let me know if there are any titles / issues you require.
  11. Hi Aspen, Do you have a link to the URL of the comics? I've just done a search on the DF website, but can't find anything. It may have been their DF Daily Special (was it on yesterday?), in which case they would only be available for that day.
  12. Hi Aspen, What comics are contained in that pack? If you could let me know, I'll see what we have in stock, and what we can get shipped over from the US.
  13. Artist Joshua Middleton stopped doing the art after #4, as he couldn't keep uo with Marvel's deadlines (this is why there was such a delay in between issues). I believe Rob Teranishi is the new artist, but the title is still being canned after #7, as Joe Quesada can't find the time to write the book, with him being Marvel CEO aswell
  14. I think that it's a cracking comic - and so do out customers, it's our second most subscribed to title at the moment, behind Superman Batman (but that's losing popularity due to the bloody delay between issues ) What other titles do you like at the moment @field? Have you read New Invaders - I'm really enjoying that one, and I can't wait for Warren Ellis on Iron Man (vol.4). www.midlandscomics.co.uk Staffordshire's Premier Online Comic Store
  15. Hi Monkee, We have a copy of the variant cover signed by John Cassaday available on our website if you are interested. www.midlandscomics.co.uk staffordshire's Premier Online Comic Store
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