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  1. Although he's a great guest to have, seriously Jason you gotta stop the false advertising. First WORLD signing? I don't think you have to mislead people to get them interested so why do it?
  2. None of those would be Diamond guests, they've done SM events before.
  3. Not a Diamond guest. She's done SM events before.
  4. I think you got the wrong thread, he isn't exactly an impossible guest.
  5. It's not a bad thing no, but the big difference between the two is that Ernie Hudson has done a Showmasters event in the past, where as Harrison Ford has not. No matter what guest they get, however big or small, there will always be people that will say they'd walk past them for someone else. Who said the event can only have one theme? Let's not criticise yet at such an early stage. I'll only be disappointed if they don't get Harrison Ford or Mark Hamill, as those are the one's I really want/need, oh plus Anthony Daniels.
  6. I think the same thing goes for Alyson Hannigan too. I met her at a stage door once and got her autograph. She was more than happy to sign stuff for people, but I don't think she agrees with people having to pay for her autograph.
  7. I hope it's not BIG disappointment, because you keep making announcements like this and they often turn out an anti-climax.
  8. The worst free gift ever! Who in there right mind would want any car or room smelling of that crap. Mine went straight in the bin.
  9. I have a feeling this daily competition turned out to be a non-event.
  10. Needs to be clarified though because they are basically running a competition for under 18's with prizes rated 18.
  11. You say all entrants must be over the age of 15 yet the DVDs/Boxsets are rated 18. Bit odd.
  12. No guest is impossible to get, this is why SM have introduced the Diamond Guest passes.
  13. So putting it on their Facebook page is NOT official??? I think you'll find if they advertise ANYWHERE that a guest is going then it is official whether it is on the forums or not.
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