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  1. Sorry to be a pain and start a new topic but i've got to book flights as soon as possible really for EMS and was wondering if you have any idea what time Dean Cain's photo shoot will be on the saturday? I'll be flying in that morning and leaving that evening but there is a huge difference in flight prices, I can only be there for the saturday and I really don't want to miss it haha thanks!!!
  2. i'm heading down from wigan literally just to meet him ha ! too excited i've had to give up going hallowhedon for this cause i could only afford to do one trip to london before christmas lol
  3. any news on these??? :)
  4. whoop so excited for this con ! i've never met her before so cannot wait
  5. as far as i knew silver and gold got both because i only booked silver and was told i'd get both :) still waiting though :)
  6. Yeah you did, pity he didn't personalise it as promised I got the Angel Season 4 Trading Cards & Folder for a tenner - bargain!!! i knows....but he did apologise so i can't hold it against him
  7. At least you had somewhere to sit whenever you got tired true !
  8. haha i hadda carry mine back up to wigan on several buses & trains along with my backpack and suitcase.....it was not easy let me tell ya !
  9. Congrats! I stopped bidding at the £90.00, could of done way more than £100.00 but also wanted other things lol. Got Jewel's chair haha thankyou ! it was the only thing i wanted haha....the second i saw it on friday i said i would make sure it was mine in the auction XD congrats on getting Jewel's chair
  10. Yes it is I!!! I think I will follow the student road next time LOL LOL well it's deffo a good idea however if the Heathrow Lodge isn't so close to the radisson then i may book into there for next year...probably..maybe...depending on price lol
  11. i honestly enjoyed the whole con ! i had such a fun weekends & won Alan's chair - yay!! :) my only negative comment on the whole weekend has to be a certain couple of crew members. i understand they are under stress and all but there was a couple who needed to lighten up ! if they were so frustrated by the questions people were asking then put up a few more signs informing people with what's going on. i, and i know i wasn't the only one, was snapped at by a particular member of crew on more than one occassion and it was completely unnecessary and unprofessional. i go to alot of cons & have volunteered and worked at quite a few also, and have never been talked to like that ever by someone working at one. but that aside - like i said it was the best con i've been to! the fact Alan Tudyk was there of course helped haha as he is my favourite actor & i have waited so long to meet him so thankyou thankyou thankyou for having him there the other guests were all fantastic & the quiz and the screening certainly injected further laughter into what was already such a fun weekend! the partys were fun & those pumpkins on saturday night were amazing - very impressive :) i attended the first hallowhedon con and i'm already all booked up for HW3 and cannot wait - it's just a shame we have a whole year to wait to the next one !!
  12. Erinnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!! is that youuuu?! :) i stayed at the Heathrow lodge....ye get what ye pay for there haha but sure it suits a poor kind of student like me ! how far away is this Radisson anywho ~?!
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