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  1. Would love to have a puddle jumper cockpit
  2. There weren't many things I had a problem with at 8.1, plus everyone seemed really good natured, but . . . 1. Please could we have at least one bar open upstairs. 2. I know that the order of autograph tables is on the schedule, but I don't carry mine around with me all the time - could we have the flip-charts with whose queue it is back again please. 3. It would be great to have a list of what's going to be auctioned either in our con pack or even just posted on here as a locked post a week or so before. Looking forward to 8.2
  3. Totally agree. It was great to have the 20% discount but it proved pretty hairy carrying said discounted drink back upstairs whether you used the lift or the stairs. Personally I'd have given up the discount in order to have the bars upstairs!
  4. Code not working on the website yet, will try again tomorrow and ring if I can't get it to work!
  5. Big Ugly Bugs Party - sorry, couldn't resist :-)
  6. Pegasus Party Could be anything but I was thinking about a combination of the visitor welcome parties when the teams go to new planets.
  7. Jason Momoa Rainbow Sun Franks Ben Browder Kavan Smith Jewel Staite Corin Nemec Lexa Doig
  8. My friends and I got up at 4am to get our tickets on Sunday morning, we got Gold 7, 8 and 9. Couldn't pass that up with Joe and Robert announced. Now I just have to wait 10 months dammit!!!!!!!! Lol
  9. Hi Everyone's really friendly at these events. I went to my first one on my own, that was years ago now and I now go with friends I met at the Con's.
  10. I've not had a problem taking photos with the usual Con lighting, I always force my flash off though. I've used a Canon and my usual Panasonic Lumix.
  11. Forum Name - goddessmaat Real Name - Terri Age/Location - old enough to think about going backwards from this year!/Cambridgeshire What Ticket have you got/are you getting? - Gold Most wanted guest for Cheveron 8.0? - more than happy with who they've got - Rachel Luttrell would be nice too though. Other Cheveron attended - 7.9 Hotel? Con hotel Facebook/MySpace etc - Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - Favourite Movie? Kelly's Heroes, Lawrence of Arabia, Dragnet, Madagascar Favourite Other TV Show(s)? NCIS, Suits, True Blood, Generation Kill, CSI NY, Torchwood, Doctor Who. Favourite M
  12. I've just had that as well - SERIOUSLY!!!!! That's crazy!
  13. Think I will go for desert marpat or black sga. Was lazy and didn' t bother this time but i've been inspired by all the people looking so cool in their military gear.
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