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    Woo Hoo!

    What can I say, we now have 4 people attending who have been in Stargate! I think I may just faint from excitement!
  2. I got into work this morning and the first thing I did was look at the announced guest! My heart is all afflutter now! Only one thing - How on earth am I going to last until October! Help meeeeeee........
  3. Yeah, thanks for that. I did recognise her when she was in X Men, it was a brief but good appearance,
  4. Didn't realise she was in Bane!
  5. The young Cassandra. I don't know if she's done any cons but it would be nice to see her.
  6. Amanda Amanda Amanda Amanda (takes breath)........ Amanda Amanda....... you get the idea!
  7. Thanks for the reply's guys it's been a big help. I think after reading all your posts I will not get the ltd edition comic signed and will go for a non ltd ed comic instead.
  8. I agree, even if you get there really early, there might be loads of people who got there even earlier who are also queing. I went to a con once that had 2 Buffy stars attending. I got there as early as possible but so did everyone else and as a result I had still not gotten to the front of the queue 4 hours later!
  9. It's a Stargate comic and it would be signed by the main actors. I did think it would be ok to do that, but just wanted to make sure. I didn't want to ruin the item.
  10. I've got a very lmt edition comic and was planning on taking it to cons and getting it signed by the various stars involved. My question however is that I have not bought this comic in order to sell it on, it will be added to my personal collection, but with an eye to the future, would having it signed devalue/ruin it? Could anyone help with this, particulary any dealers.
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