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  1. It would have to be Carmen for me!
  2. I won't be going . I am probably just coming for the day on Fri or Sat (not sure yet), but hopefully I will get to see Amanda talk later in the year if everything goes as planned.
  3. I can understand the Tower of London one as that could be cosidered a security issue, but having to pay to use your own camera is ridiculous. What will be next, an extra charge to use their seats? or pay to breathe the same air as the celeb (ok a bit far fetched i know but still....)
  4. or if you really wanted more just get another ticket!
  5. I think the maximum amount of items you can get signed is 5?
  6. Titania is correct, you pay per signature wether they are personal items or on the photos provided
  7. Likewise, I have no interest in wrestling but have no probs with them being invited. The guest coverage seems to be quite good to me - main stars from a few shows with other guests who have been on as guest stars. That seems fair to me!
  8. Could be wrong but I don't think so
  9. I've got loads of Stargate people's sigs (including RDA WOO HOO!), Red Dwarf and a few others but I suppose my most impressive sig (that I often forget I have) is Steven Spielberg.
  10. Like jesterrace I get a big Stargate poster signed. I also have a smaller main cast pic that I have nearly completed (just need Amanda and RDA (yeah not a chance in hell!)). I normally also get a personalised promo pic done. Because I have been fortunate to meet most of the main cast before and will be again I am debating what else to get signed by them all.......I'm waivering between and book or a comic.....but I think I will get the comic signed. Although I do love a lot of other shows (Star Trek, Buffy, Angel ect) I don't collect the sigs for those, although I may consider starting s
  11. Personally I think the line up is brilliant.....admittedly not everyone is to my taste but most of them I would love to meet!
  12. Every other auto i have in my collection I have obtained myself
  13. I know what you mean Golden but as I said i know it is a risk but one of the people who's auto's i did buy does not do cons so I took the risk.
  14. Thanks for the replys guys.
  15. I don't for definate, but as I say I know one of the companies one of them came from and they are very reputable and one of the official companies that most artwork and photo's comes through. I do prefer to get my autographed items personalised but I got these as I was unlikely to meet the people and wanted them to complete my collection - so it is either not have them or get them through a reputable dealer!
  16. I have actually bought a couple of autographs off of ebay as they were for people who (at the time) I thought I would have no chance of meeting and wanted them to finish off my collections. However (although this does not mean they really are genuine) one of them was a resale initially from a very reputable company and the other had a photo of the person signing it and a weblink to the event that confirmed he was there, so I took the risk (and got it at a great price). If it turns out it's not real I will not have lost a huge amount.
  17. Raylenth

    Just curious

    I was just browsing through the stuff on ebay when I came across this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...2262193901&rd=1 It says "as seen on uniforms" but is it in the show? I don't want to get it but am curious to know if it was on the show!
  18. Hobbitlover I think part of the problem is that like a few of the reply's here I think that these people are just running a business like anyone else and that if people want to pay the prices they are asking it is up to them. However, it is increadably annoying when you are in a queue when a dealer is in front of you with a stack of 50 pics to be signed. Especially as there will probably be more than one dealer doing this for each guest. I think that they are allowed to do this as part of the terms for sponsoring/being there but perhaps there could be someway other to deal with this if it i
  19. Doesn't seem to have been mentioned yet, but I would love to see anyone from Dark Angel - a short lived but enjoyable programme.
  20. Raylenth

    Woo Hoo!

    Just as good as Corin for me. Amanda's the only main one i've not yet met so I'm ecstatic! (other than RDA of course!)
  21. The helpers could attatch wires to their little hands/paws and manipulate them. Hey Presto!
  22. The original Bagpuss or the Chorlton and the Wheelies Gang! Or do you mean real people? lol
  23. Raylenth

    Woo Hoo!

    Nice to see that you've got 3 people from you wish list going!
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