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  1. I'm lucky enough to have a ticket for 'that' event, but given the limit on personal items being signedwith them, I'd love to see Don at a more informal (if that's the right word) setting where you can get other items signed.
  2. I'd love to see Don. He would be a good alround guest as well seeing as he has done Stargate, X FIles and Twin Peaks, not to mention all the films he's been in (ok not major parts in major films but still...)
  3. Plus Scotty trying not to laugh out loud
  4. "Tell me Bones, do I look fat in this?"
  5. For me? All of the Stargate people - Amanda, Dwight and Sam J but I may end up having to get auto's for friends so that would alos be the Buffy guys and Verne.
  6. I will freely admit that there are many guests going to this con that hold no interest for me - I'm going soley for one set of guests. However I do not have a problem with all the other guests and am pleased for all the attendees who want to see them. Even if SM had not got anyone i wanted to see I would not shout and moan about it. I would say to myself "oh well, maybe next time" Like many others I can't understand why people are being so mean (particularly to one new announcee, who by the way I love and will be going to see!). I think if they don't like a guest they should err on the
  7. .......Until the system goes down!...
  8. Richard Dean Anderson - But I know that's not going to happen
  9. I will have to wait till I get home to see who is announced.
  10. She is doing another couple of cons later this year/early next.
  11. That happened last time for John Billingsly - The photo's were all of Enterprise and not one Stargate photo to be seen. That's a good question actually, who is responsible for the photo's. Is it Showmasters or do the guests decide which ones to use/bring there own?
  12. BD Williams is there for all 3 days - Billy Boyd however isn't.
  13. I find this thread a bit strange and please forgive me if I have missed your point here. Whilst I don't handle contracts for a living, I'm sure that all the guests will be signed but with a clause that states that their appearance is subject to work commitments - meaning that they may have signed a contract to appear but if they get work they don't have to. My point being, even if they have signed a contract, if something comes up they can still cancel as has happened with many guests at many different shows! Not trying to stir things up here as I hope no one does have to pull out.
  14. Yeah, I'd noticed autos were not included - Most other weekend cons (great guests included) would cost about £80 - £125 for a ticket - much more reasonable.
  15. Mine would have to be my genuine Stargate costume
  16. Ok so we've had a discussion on signed items you have and what you will be getting signed, but how about what is your most precious item (not necesserily something with a sig on)?
  17. I think it was - my friend is also a massive fan and would love to see the guests but like you NO WAY IN H***. The guests probably couldn't be better but for what they were offering as the ticket package I would not pay that price.
  18. I know what you mean. Recently I pointed out a convention to a friend based on a show she likes. When we checked the tickets they were chargeing £300 which was extortionate for what was being offered (in our opinion). What did we do? Just decided not to go and left it at that. I always think if the prices are to high, not as many people will go and they will learn for next time.
  19. It would have to be Carmen for me!
  20. I won't be going . I am probably just coming for the day on Fri or Sat (not sure yet), but hopefully I will get to see Amanda talk later in the year if everything goes as planned.
  21. I can understand the Tower of London one as that could be cosidered a security issue, but having to pay to use your own camera is ridiculous. What will be next, an extra charge to use their seats? or pay to breathe the same air as the celeb (ok a bit far fetched i know but still....)
  22. or if you really wanted more just get another ticket!
  23. I think the maximum amount of items you can get signed is 5?
  24. Titania is correct, you pay per signature wether they are personal items or on the photos provided
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