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  1. I'd love to meet William Peterson - he's so cute!
  2. Wembley Park Station: Southbound Jubilee Line trains and certain Metropolitan Line services will not serve the station until February due to rebuilding work. This is taken from the Tube website - but I assume as it says Southbound you will be ok if travelling up from central London in the morning. It will be going home that may cause a problem.
  3. I think that system has merit though. When you have people going to the event to see specific groups of guests (like the Atlantis crew, Aliens, and Blake 7 and Red Dwarf last year). Would SM consider a system of giving out one ticket to see the whole group. That way you would only have to que for one ticket. The payment system could remain the same, once your ticket is called you pay for those of the group you want to see and don't go to those you don't. I think this could save a lot of possible dissapointment. If you get a ticket you know you will be able to see all of the group, wh
  4. You will pay separatly - one charge for one guest (most likely)
  5. Raylenth

    Chris Judge

    Don't know what arrangement could have been made even if both parties were willing. I can't see any way he could have accommodated both events. One day at each would not have worked given the number of people at both (just my opinion) Anyway, I've met Chris once before and he is a lovely funny man and I look forward to seeing him again. I will actually be attending both events that weekend so I will be rushed off my feet!
  6. I usually get 2 sigs, one on my poster and a dedicated promotional photo that they sell on the tables, so it's not a terrible loss, just a disapointment, if they won't personalise.
  7. I understand why they don't dedicate sometimes with the more popular guests, but to have the star insisting on putting your name/dedication on your own personal item is frustrating. Like many of us I have a big poster that I get signed but the actors involved and I have no intention of selling it on. When it is complete it will be a show piece. Therefore if one of the actors was to insist on personallising it I would ask for my money back. It would be ruined if they wrote my name on it!
  8. Another good reason for writing your name on a note and giving it to the star is the problem of accents. Most of the time it is much easier to copy a name from a note than understand (and risk offending) a fan who you may not understand/clearly hear the name they are giving you. I was lucky enough to be the second person to see Nick on Friday and found him very pleasant. I was getting his auto for a friend and asked him if he would mind if I took his photo whilst he signed so I could prove to my friend I had seen him. He was perfectly happy for me to do so. I would love to see him agai
  9. Does anyone have the rough plan that was posted a while ago that details where the main guests would probably located? I've had a quick look through but can't find it. Or does anyone from SM have an up to sate one?
  10. Unfortunatly there will always be people who think this kind of thing doesn't apply to them, I hope there are not too many of them at the party and that you all have an excellent time. Any embarassing drunken photo's have to be posted to the forums after the party!!
  11. She's at another event in London a couple of weeks after C6 if you really want to see her.
  12. I'm sure they will have cast pics to sign as there are official ones already, but yeah, if you want to be sure, bring one with you.
  13. No, its posted on the official SG8 page - not the forums
  14. Made me laugh! Wouldn't that be an interesting thread....who on the formum has the best 'assets'!
  15. Also remember to have the flash turned off!
  16. Anyway....onto nicer things.....does anyone know if there are any Atlantis posters or anything on sale yet? I know there are crew photo's and such, but I've not seen any posters yet. I don't knwo if anyone will be selling any at the events.
  17. No Buff, we now have another con involved as well as the original one.
  18. Sorry Sindel, I'm getting peed of and I know I should not take it out on others. Also I know that the organisers have to work this out themselves but the con with Tori going said just last night that she wasn't doing any UK events before theirs. I'm sure you can understand, even if you don't care, why fans going to 2 different events other than this one are getting angry.
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