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  1. They won't get Sam J for LFCC i assume as he was just at C6.
  2. So there will be a rush to those lines and to get tickets for the talks.
  3. Go via Wembley Stadium - it's closer than Central. You can get to Stadium on either the Chiltern or Silverlink services.
  4. I know what you mean. You can never take too much money to these events.
  5. Nomi - I expect Chris will be £20 but the Atlantis peeps I think will only be £15.
  6. we seem to be going round in circles at the moment and I don't think we are going to get any more (or more definative) info at the moment. I plan on checking with them in the middle of next week, but I know people will want to know now. The only think I can really suggest is that if you are travelling to the event via central london (ie going northbound) then go by the alternative routes - Over ground trains to Wembley Stadium, or on the Bakerloo to Wembley Central.
  7. Yes but northbound means anyone coming out of central london in the morning to get out to the event. It should be ok getting back after the event but it is getting there everyone is concerned about.
  8. I hadn't heard that but I had heard she won't sign stuff that David Boreneaz has signed particularly if it is a photo of them as a couple from Buffy.
  9. Get something before you go? This site has some nice stuff: http://www.allposters.com/gallery.asp?aid=...oster&ovtac=PPC Just type Stargate in the search section. check out the size of the prints though - not all are poster sized. Or check out other poster webshops.
  10. The seller was called RichArt but the addy I have for his site doesn't work now.
  11. Raylenth


    Is that a horse she's on in the gateroom? I don't remember that, was the scene cut or not been on yet? Anyone know the answer?
  12. What everyone else says - keep them separate. I'm getting David on both my Stargate poster and Atlantis print and will be doing the same with Torri in 2 weeks time.
  13. Personally I don't think you need to be there quite so early, I had no probs last year and I got there just after 10ish. Also these boards are not as busy as the Collectormania ones usually are so it makes me wonder if not so many people will be going to LFCC.
  14. Not sure what you have been looking at nomi-noo - i tried the journey planner myself and when the options appear it states that there are problems occuring on that route - if you view one of the options it clearly states the problems. My advice to you is either use an alternative route or use the bus replacement service that will be operating.
  15. I will check this out later as it was clearly stated by both the TFL help line and in the transport section of the Metro (a London paper) that metropolitan lines where also not stopping at Wembley Park. This section has been copied over from the Tube.com's long term travel changes section: Wembley Park Station: Southbound Jubilee Line trains and certain Metropolitan Line services will not serve the station until February due to rebuilding work.
  16. Personally, I think it's too late now anyway.
  17. Ok..... I promised I wouldn't tell anyone but, yes, it's for me luvvies.
  18. I remember an another event earlier in the year where the entire line up changed in the last couple of weeks - I don't think they had an original guest left, so it can happen. Hopefully not here though!
  19. Or how about a Buy 3 Auto's Get One Free! type of deal? Lol
  20. No idea i'm afraid - My travel will thankfully be covered by my season ticket however I chose to get there.
  21. I'm expecting Chris to be £20 with all the other Stargate/Atlantis people at £15
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