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  1. Sorry if every one know this already but I thought it better to be safe than sorry and give everyone a heads up. On Sunday and Monday Earthsea is on Channel 4. If it is the same Earthsea as on her work profile then Amanda has a part in it but I think it is a very small one. I remember a screen cap being posted to one of the Stargate groups and she was all glowy - a bit like Orlin if I remember correctly.
  2. No-one to interest me yet, but I am impressed so far, lets hope all the guests are as good.
  3. I know it's not always possible for every one to do, but like a couple of other people here I always go to the bank before hand to withdraw the money I need and ask for it in £5's. Yes it means your wad of cash is bulkier, but it is so much easier. I mean in general most people know how many guests they want to see and can make an educated guess as to how much their auto's will cost so it's not too hard to work out how much to take. Any money left over can then be repaid into the bank, or kept handy for the next event.
  4. Personally it wouldn't interest me as I usually only come for certain guest and like to have my own stuff signed. I'm not usually fussed about seeing/getting auto's from the rest of the guests, but I can see that this idea may be popular with other attendees.
  5. As always this will depend on how their queue's are going. If they are very busy it is less likely that photo's will be allowed. There isn't normally any official photo sessions so usually you just have to turn up on the day and hope for the best.
  6. Never new this but his imdb profile says he had an uncredited part in the Stargate film....oh, fancy that!
  7. The link is broken....or is it just my computer?
  8. I asked a similar question about another guest and the reply was that SM may just have not gotten around to it yet.
  9. From what I remember Anthony's auto's are quite expensive.
  10. Thanks, I thought I might be going mad seeing as she was announced a while ago.
  11. How come her name and photo aren't up on the main page? Or have I missed something? <_
  12. Excellent idea - as a big Stargate fan I'd love to meet them.
  13. I was under the impression as well that the dire situation with the travel was a major contribution to this, not the selection of guests.
  14. Personally I'd rather have Stargate guests we haven't had before and leave it a while until bringing repeat guests back....but hey, that's just me. What about just Paul McGillion (sp?) and Torri as they were not at the last one instead of the whole cast?
  15. The ones by Fandemonium are all right. Although there are only a few books so far they don't seem to be concentrating on just one character and the stories are evenly spread over all the characters. I'd certainly recommend them.
  16. Any one who's been in Staegate, with at least a couple of auto's from each person.
  17. The most famous person I've met and got an auto from was Stephen Speilberg. He was filming part of Empire of the Sun where I lived and my Brownie troup got invited down to watch some of the filming. H came over and saw us and signed auto's for everyone. I've still got it somewhere.
  18. You did better than me though!
  19. Hope you like this, apologies if you've had it before LOTR Quiz
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