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  1. Viggo! Would love to talk to him about Hidalgo.
  2. I agree to this guest on behalf of a Buffy mad friend!
  3. would love Robert because of all the other stuff he's done as well.
  4. I got Daniel.....anyone want to trade him for Jack?
  5. Myself and others I know would all be camping out if David B came!
  6. I gave 10/10 - This LFCC was excelent for me given the amount of Stargate/Atlantis people they had there. I got to see everyone I wanted relatively easily and found the staff friendly and helpful. They were very good about keeping us updated on Chris J's eta. All in all one of the best events i've been to recently.
  7. Shock horror........I'm going to faint.........how can you prefer James and Kurt to the delectable RDA and Michael S!!!
  8. Excellent choice! you have good taste.
  9. Maybe SM will read the poll and invite the one most voted for!
  10. Something similar happened to me although not with a celeb...when SFX was quite new I bought one from my local, country newsagents. There was a little old lady behind the counter and I (then a young girl) hand over a mag apparently saying SEX on the cover! She was looking at me really weirdly until she realised what it really said. Embarrasing.
  11. Well actually I want a pony but a hobbit would do instead
  12. The forum clocks are wrong for me as well and it's not my computer - they were all reset correctly.
  13. Yeah get William, Gary or Jorja
  14. That sounds fine Muffin. I'm coming into Liverpool Street as well and will take either that route or to be safe I may just get onto the Bakerloo line from Baker Street and go to W Central - we all know that one seems to be running with no problems.
  15. Yeah, but do you just park and hope you don't get clamped or do you have to get some sort of voucher from SM to prove you are entitled to free parking and which car park is it? Wembley Plaza Hotel is not on the map and not coming up on my searches.
  16. Does anyone know about the parking? I see on the interactive map that there is a lot of parking around the exhibition hall, but any idea of how much it costs? Or where is the Plaza Hotel and how does the free parking there work? Do you just arrive on the day or did it have to be applied for?
  17. It says the Jubilee line is open to Neasden which is only one stop from Wembley Park then take Replacement bus A.
  18. Tickets for autos don't get cheaper as you don't pay for them. Auto's have to be paid in cash - Cards are not accepted.
  19. Although I may now consider taking the Jubilee to Neasden then getting the bus the one stop to Wembley Park.... Despite the hassle of getting a bus, it may be the best alternative.
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