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  1. Yeah good luck Starbuck, sorry you won't be able to attend but if there's ever a good reason not to go, this is it!
  2. Eh, it'll have to stay pathetic in that case
  3. Sadly the glow in the dark aspect is totally disappointing.
  4. Crawl. Completely uncomplicated plot wise, it was both a bit better than I expected and at the same time just as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was a fairly standard 'monster' movie, but at least they didn't make the mistake of trying to make the alligators super big/vicious/evil or anything and their presence was easily explained by them nesting there. The stupid bits of the film were all to do with standard movie tropes where the human element experiences some pretty severe traumas but magically soldiers on. I mean how many times can you be bitten by a croc and be relatively unaffected? I know her wounds were luckily all fairy superficial but come on! She was bitten 3/4 times and death rolled and you can't tell me that the fact that she's a competitive swimmer, and therefore used to underwater twists (when you flip to swim the next length) somehow makes her suddenly able to remain calm and lucid after being tumbled multiple times and without any tear/ligament issues from said death roll. The less said about Daddy surviving having his arm ripped off without immediately going into standard or hypovolemic shock the better, and that's on top of him having a compound fracture which is bad enough in normal circumstances, and probably ultimately fatal when you factor in that he's been crawling round a basement that's got rotting animal corpses, rats and their poo and urine, mud, microbes and dirty flood water. It's not the worse monster/disaster film ever, it's certainly watchable, but it's annoying for the usual reasons.
  5. Shhh I promised not to tell
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/James-Bond-Press-Pack-Pierce-Brosnan-Tomorrow-Never-Dies-Promotional-Folder/143637168629?hash=item21717141f5:g:w~AAAOSwyEJe71P5 One for the Bond fans
  7. I honestly didn't recognise him until I read the name you typed, I was looking at the auto thinking 'who the heck is John Nellcas'
  8. Pretty much any guest who isn't dead, in prison or unable to travel the the UK for any reason is an option, though some are always going to be far more unlikely for various reasons. They have had Peter before, a couple of years ago do you never know.
  9. It's very sad news
  10. For some reason it's using the app layout, which personally I hate, it was much easier with everything neatly divided into days and categories in the old shop. It also has the potential to get SM in trouble in this version as there's no description in some of the products, such as the Gold pass, so there's no indication of what it includes. Also most of the 'see more' info just say 'as per our T&C's' which aren't listed anywhere. If anyone buys and has an issue, legally the ball will be in their court because you cannot introduce terms after the product has been bought. Re the Diamonds, basically they aren't there. I believe, from what I took from a post somewhere, they took them off sale whilst they were reconfirming and intended to add them back in the shop a few days after the postponement announcement went up but that hasn't happened. All you can do is keep checking and/or see if they post when they have gone back in.
  11. Your post person is being kept busy
  12. When I saw that I thought you might. I found it because someone posted that Hugh's on there. It's annoying because there's an audiobook sample listed for him that's not to be found anywhere But if anyone has a fancy for a very short snippet of Hugh Dancy describing a chocolate biscuit, here you go https://www.unitedvoices.tv/sites/default/files/audio/Hugh Dancy_Sainsburys.mp3
  13. A few audio clips for the Capaldi fans https://www.unitedvoices.tv/peter-capaldi
  14. No sorry. I was doing it on the laptop and apart from a little lag it was fine. Could it be because too many people were refreshing the page for the app to cope?
  15. I love Blake's 7, I was a Villa fan though.
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