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  1. But who....how....you don't have facebook so you can't see what's been sold? Are you a witch?
  2. This is your 1 hour warning for the Doctor Who sale on the Showmasters facebook page.
  3. If he's not in the shop then they just haven't added him yet, I don't know if the mods will see this to be honest so I'd suggest keep checking the ticket page every now and again and if it's not up soon maybe email the shop and prompt them. They also haven't added the Diamonds yet either.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p089zg9d/culture-in-quarantine-shakespeare-macbeth Eccleston alert.
  5. Also it may not be in place by November.
  6. Yea, I meant, they should have been, but obviously aren't then
  7. Going by replies on facebook they should already be I think.
  8. It's so frustrating and I could be wrong as I don't want to tar everyone with the same brush but I always think that's a scammer when it's waaaaay over what it should be. They may have another account where they are selling it a cheaper but still more than it should be on the theory that you see the high priced one, then the one that's a bit cheaper and buy that one as it seems like a bargain.
  9. https://www.poppriceguide.com/guide/searchresults.php?search=Doctor+Who+239 For example
  10. Always check 2 places, the sold listings as it shows you what people are actually paying, and good price guides https://www.poppriceguide.com/ to know what they should be roughly on for. Of course it doesn't always follow, one if the Funko's I want is always on Ebay for a lot more than it's valued at on the price guide but because it's very limited the ebay price is pretty much what you would have to pay for it. But yeah, if it's a rarer Funko and your considering paying a higher price for it, it might be wise to get your experience owner friends to look at it as there are plenty of fakes out there unfortunately.
  11. I will say on the flip side, we really don't know either way - they may not get as many guests as they normally would to help with that. I literally am just guessing.
  12. Nothing has been confirmed, but they initially said Winter would be bigger than it usually would be anyway so they probably may have needed more halls, and as it's now essentially Summer but in November I'd not be surprised if they take the whole venue again (Especially to help with spreading us out). Of course that's just me guessing, until we get the floor plan we never actually know for certain, even with Summer
  13. Grandpa tries to keep up with the cool kids You can't stop there, show us 'em all!
  14. WOW, well done on that. You are on a roll this week.
  15. Selfie's will probably be out whatever to be honest, even if we aren't required to keep 2 meters apart by then selfies can't be done without getting close to the guest/leaning over tables so firstly the guests probably won't want that kind of close contact and secondly it possibly won't work anyway with whatever measures they put in place. Auto's in my opinion are easy, you just do what shops are doing and have a perspex screen between the guests and us with a slot at the bottom to pass your stuff through. If the guests are wearing gloves that solves the issue of them touching hundreds of personal items and the screens help protect from breath droplets. The photo's are a bit harder but doable though it'll mean no touching still. The main issue as I see it is us, the attendees and managing the queue's. However they said in the post that they will be updating on what procedures they are looking to put in place in the coming weeks, and they replied to a comment on Facebook to say they are doing some test photo's in a few weeks time to see if their idea works, so at the moment it's best to wait and see what they say. If people aren't confident of what they put in place then, they can decide if they still want to attend or not.
  16. All summer tickets are being transferred over and that includes entry
  17. I've seen them reply to people on social media that it is going ahead
  18. Chernobyl. I finally managed to watch it and it's absolutely phenomenal. It deserves every award it won and more. The production values are superb especially the make up and physical effects and the attention to detail couldn't be better. In many ways it's a horrible thing to watch given what it's about and that we are following it on the ground and seeing these characters die in front of us as it were, and seeing the brave people who went in to literal hell, many knowing it was to their deaths, others having been lied to and told they would be fine, because they knew they had no choice, that someone had to and the consequences for the whole world would be unimaginable if they didn't. All against a backdrop of a governement who refused to admit there was an issue, preferring to preserve the lie and add to them all to be seen as superior (Gosh that sounds familiar for some reason, can't think why). It's a tragic and heroic story and if you haven't seen it you should. It's hard, there are some scenes that are really difficult to watch, especially the scenes in the hospitals, but it's a truly powerful story and I'd not be surprised if Chernobly isn't a contender for the best TV series ever lists.
  19. I'm going with the first, but in my case it's probably actually the second....
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