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  1. Meh, just buy them, there's always room somewhere
  2. Very, but have you seen the *cough* accessories they come with. No one in that design room asked a lady what they thought of them for sure.
  3. Eh, it'll toughen them up* * I assume as I've never even heard of it let alone seen it.
  4. Well done, you have to maintain your 5000 now and can never post again.
  5. Watch Men & Chicken. It's thoroughly rude and brilliant.
  6. She will make it back again one day I'm sure. Shame that we got so close though. Doubly glad I managed to get her at a talk though I must admit.
  7. You can get your own dead lizard bits then, not long to wait.
  8. Time will tell I guess, as it's different dates though it doesn't mean they are automatically free now. But as we can't really say more I'll stop here.
  9. In the past when they have done them, they usually sell them in December so whilst I have no info on it, I'd say probably not. I don't think they did them last year either.
  10. Something non event related but for the Bond fans as well https://www.royalmint.com/register-interest/james-bond/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=2020-02-com-bond Royal Mint will be bringing out some sort of Bond coins.
  11. I hope you got some good pressies
  12. Hey, don't you 2 be jigging to much now, you don't want to break a hip.
  13. David Copperfield (2000). It's an OK film, it's hard to go wrong with a Charles Dickens story and they have all been done a few times before. It's a nice film to watch, you get what you expect. A few interesting names in it, along with Mr HD there's also Paul Bettany amongst others 7/10 -1 for random boom mikes in shot (rather a lot actually) In a nice Hannibal nod (even if this was several years before they even thought of the TV series) people are wearing flower crowns and playing the Goldberg Variations. I approve.
  14. "posted when it's posted" is my suggestion for clearest meaning with least offence
  15. I haven't watched it for a long time and it's a brilliant film, I remember being flabbergasted the first time I saw the gettaway scene
  16. OK, trying to get my game face back on.... Male Not real Human. Nothing to do with anything Ben Browder has been in Has special abilities Has a catchphrase On TV but possibly also other mediums
  17. Hopefully Queen can give you an official reply when she sees this but Christopher has been a guest before, others would have had swords signed and I don't recall anyone having an issue with them - I think they ask you to keep it boxed at all times until you get to the desk and alert the crew in the queue that you have a sword to be signed. Afterwards it needs to stay boxed as well.
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