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  1. No, they will post when there's any news. Outside of that there won't be anything the moderators can add I'm afraid.
  2. We are all commitment phobic I think so no one's willing to make a guess.
  3. It says first time LFCC not world first so it'll be someone on the circuit, just not been to LFCC before, and possibly not a Showmasters event.
  4. Your posters from LFCC might be collectors items now as they are official and have the wrong dates on so keep them safe!
  5. I was going to say the same, it's all about the box office Which is fair enough.
  6. I'll be out so I'll have to remember to check if I can.
  7. https://showmasters.photoshelter.com/gallery-collection/London-Comic-Con-Spring-2020/C0000cQc5qGCtgZQ
  8. It's a shame but it happens.
  9. Yes, I think all of them would be a good start I have 5 of them.
  10. You're forgetting all the cosplayers as well. They are cannon now.
  11. Raylenth

    Con Blues

    Unless they say something officially it's still on. Presumably announcements may recommence now that Spring is over.
  12. *looks around at the Summer forum, moves back in and settles down*
  13. Me too, it seemed a massive build up to nothing. I kept looking at the clock thinking '10 minutes to go, it's getting tight if they are going to bring him in' '5 minutes to go, surely it'll be now'. So yeah, that felt like a hype ball of nothing. On the whole, I'm just confused and wondering why I'm bothering any more. If the episodes aren't preachy, they are like a ball of knotted wool. I love Who and always will but everything's gotten so complicated I feel like 'huh' most of the time, there so much to try and remember to even have a clue about what's going on and I've failed at it. How did Missie become Sacha Master, how did Sacha Master escape the realm of the weird ghosty people. The flashes happened too quick for me and I was having a hard time staying awake during one section so I've no idea what the explanation for the Department and the Irish scenario was and how it fits in. So yeah, on one hand I feel and on the other Some of the plot felt silly to me - it probably took them far longer to degoopify 4 Cybermen than it would have to just find another way of getting out of there, especially as Yas and Graham sat around doing nothing whilst that was happening. I liked Sacha as the master, it must be hard to have to be that intense without making it too hammy and I think he did it well. I'm not sure where Jodie is on my Doctor scale, she's probably middle bottom at the moment, but as you have all said, it's the writing that's killing it for her version. I did like the design of the Time Lord Cybermen but ultimately it was stupid. The cybermen are a race of emotionless cyborgs, they aren't going to suddenly say 'hey how about we make our new armour fancy! I hear helmet swirls are in this season' At least they will have no problems picking up Radio 4.
  14. Ugh. I'm going to have to go and watch it now won't I?
  15. Hate to say it but there's nothing in the shop for him and there's tickets for Aaron's talk so I'd assume not.
  16. Lovely. Rings an extremely vague bell.
  17. I remember that. Don't remember how it ended though.
  18. Please note the differences, I believe this was taken yesterday so there may be further changes. Remember to check when you are in to see if your shoots have been moved.
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