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  1. 7 hours ago, R4wly97 said:

    Yeah I couldn’t understand why it was so quiet and then I realised everyone was talking on there instead, you’ve swapped last weekend the Doctor Who discussion was here! :lol:

    We like to move around a bit, keep things interesting.

  2. 2 minutes ago, The Friendly Dalek said:

    Well, that episode was something. :lol:

    There was a lot I liked, but I am concerned about how exactly this big reveal will play out. Obviously I can't elaborate further, but Chibnall is playing a very dangerous game here if he doesn't manage to pull this off. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, The Friendly Dalek said:

    Based on all this, I have decided to watch the episode tonight, just to see what the fuss is about. ;)


    1 minute ago, Queen_Sindel said:

    A friend of mine in the US is like that and was quite surprised when I called her and told her to stay off the internet and turn off all push notifications for her usual sites until she made it home to see the episode. 

    According to the friend that's with her and doesn't mind spoilers one of the US sources actually posted about it with pictures not even 5 minutes later. 

    I'm giving in and watching now as well -  I know It'll pop up on a site when I load up in the morning otherwise.  Who needs sleep.

    These days you need to go off line straight away, you cannot trust that people won't do that, though obviously it's harder with things like this when you aren't expecting significant stuff to happen.

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  4. 15 minutes ago, The Friendly Dalek said:

    Guess who hasn't seen tonight's episode yet. :lol: I think I should soon before I come across a spoiler somewhere if it's as significant as people are saying.

    I think if you are on any feeds and don't want to be spoiled you need to stay off the internet until you have seen the ep or watch it ASAP.

    6 minutes ago, Queen_Sindel said:

    It is as significant as people are saying. That is all I am gonna say and everyone who has the desire to say more than that will get hit with the custom user title I had created back for the Avengers spoilers already.

    Thankfully I am not following anything that will spoil it for me though I'm really resisting the temptation to just look it up and get it over with.  The 2 posts I saw were extremely vague, and were just enough to guess something has happened and who it involved.  But a friend has been spoiled already by that very person posting about it and ruining it for anyone who hadn't seen it and follows them.  Doofus.

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  5. 8 hours ago, The Friendly Dalek said:

    I think that DC have been on an excellent streak recently. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam and Joker are all films I enjoy.

    I haven't seen Joker yet and WW was OK, but I can't agree with AM :D

    Shazam wasn't without it's faults (like the ethics of turning a 6/7 year old into a super hero because I'm sure they are well known for their critical thinking and ability to understand and cope with what Supers are required to do) but on the whole it was good.

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  6. 24 minutes ago, Wrong Name said:

    I've watched a few things so far this year that have been good; Watchmen, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3, but hands down the best thing on TV at the moment has to be The Goes Wrong Show. I love Mischief Theatre and all their plays that I have managed to see so far and the TV show has lived up to exactly what I wanted it to be and more. There's still one more episode to air but go on iPlayer and watch the others if you haven't seen them. The episodes are not connected so I suggest you watch the court room episode first as it's the best one in my opinion.

    I agree, the Courtroom episode in particular was absolutely hilarious and it's be a crime not to watch it.

  7. 3 hours ago, natedammit said:

    Having also recently watched Paddington 2, please allow me to settle this fierce dispute.

    Roy is WRONG.

    Paddington 2 is not a 'kid's film' it is a 'family film'. There is a big difference. It's also an excellent one - much better than "mildly amusing". It's not quite as good as the first one, but still a very fine effort.


    Roy is RIGHT.

    Peter Capaldi is the worst thing about the film. 

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