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  1. 2 hours ago, Peter Capaldi Fan said:

    Signed photo of early adventures  - first Doctor Who director Waris Hussein. 


    Taken a while to find his autograph so really pleased with this one :D

    Nice.  I noticed they had one of him in this weeks Who sale but yeah, I thought he was a rare one.

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  2. 4 hours ago, R4wly97 said:

    Yeah he was on his bike waiting to start riding but he couldn’t go because of the traffic :lol:

    You can say from me, why didn't they go and kidnap him for me?  And ask about series 4 of Hannibal at the same time.  I am very disappointed by their lack of effort even though they didn't know they needed to do all or that or even would have been able to.  Those are mere trivialities.

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  3. 1 hour ago, R4wly97 said:

    @RaylenthOne of my Instagram friends saw Mads filming a new carlsburg advert in Copenhagen a couple of days ago :lol:

    Yeah there's a photo of him circulating and he had a Carlsberg pin on his jacket so we assumed it was a new advert.  Cool that your friend saw it though, it's always interesting to see something being filmed.

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  4. 27 minutes ago, maegurwen said:

    I think I do the same as you. I go by show and then the order that I got them for that show. Unless its game of thrones, then it goes to houses and people associated to those houses but still in the order that I get them.

    That's a lot of organisation for the GOT ones, but as there's a lot of cast I can see it's doable.

  5. So based off a conversation with a friend I was wondering how everyone arranges their 8x10's.  Do you store them in chronological order as you get them, or by person/show?  Mine are chronological which translates as by show as my interests change over time but I am contemplating giving each show/film their own folder and one for general

  6. 3 hours ago, Starbuck73 said:

    Having reviewed my current health status with my doctor, I am no longer attending in November. My tickets have already been refunded. -_-

    For those curious, I am currently in stage 5 kidney failure & am about to be transplant listed. Hospital appointments galore at the moment! :rolleyes:

    I hope all of you who do manage to attend have a great weekend & enjoy yourselves as much as is socially acceptable! ^_^

    Yeah good luck Starbuck, sorry you won't be able to attend but if there's ever a good reason not to go, this is it!

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  7. 5 hours ago, maegurwen said:

    I had that problem and then found that I could get them to glow a little with a torch, although a uv torch is apparently better at getting them to glow better but haven't bought one of those yet.

    Eh, it'll have to stay pathetic in that case :lol:

  8. Crawl.  Completely uncomplicated plot wise, it was both a bit better than I expected and at the same time just as bad as I thought it was going to be.  It was a fairly standard 'monster' movie, but at least they didn't make the mistake of trying to make the alligators super big/vicious/evil or anything and their presence was easily explained by them nesting there.

    The stupid bits of the film were all to do with standard movie tropes where the human element experiences some pretty severe traumas but magically soldiers on.  I mean how many times can you be bitten by a croc and be relatively unaffected?  I know her wounds were luckily all fairy superficial but come on!  She was bitten 3/4 times and death rolled and you can't tell me that the fact that she's a competitive swimmer, and therefore used to underwater twists (when you flip to swim the next length) somehow makes her suddenly able to remain calm and lucid after being tumbled multiple times and without any tear/ligament issues from said death roll.  The less said about Daddy surviving having his arm ripped off without immediately going into standard or hypovolemic shock the better, and that's on top of him having a compound fracture which is bad enough in normal circumstances, and probably ultimately fatal when you factor in that he's been crawling round a basement that's got rotting animal corpses, rats and their poo and urine, mud, microbes and dirty flood water.

    It's not the worse monster/disaster film ever, it's certainly watchable, but it's annoying for the usual reasons.

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