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  1. I haven't seen Joker yet and WW was OK, but I can't agree with AM Shazam wasn't without it's faults (like the ethics of turning a 6/7 year old into a super hero because I'm sure they are well known for their critical thinking and ability to understand and cope with what Supers are required to do) but on the whole it was good.
  2. Finally watched Shazam and I really enjoyed it. It's nice to get a DC movie that isn't pants.
  3. I agree, the Courtroom episode in particular was absolutely hilarious and it's be a crime not to watch it.
  4. there's a few of them out there now
  5. I would be mainly known for film but I have been on TV as well 15
  6. See look, he even ruins that picture.
  7. Look at the film review in general chat I'm watching that when all the eps have finished so I can binge them all.
  8. Cough cough. I'm totally not watching a film at work whilst we speak as well. No siree, not at all.
  9. Paddington 2. I don't think this film portrays the British legal and penal system very accurately at all. It's very misrepresentative. The worst thing about this film though, hands down is Peter Capaldi. He's terrible and totally ruined it, he'll never get any more work in TV. Lol, nahh, it's OK, it's a kids film so I wasn't expecting a huge amount from it. Mildly amusing and a nice inoffensive film.
  10. I think I can safely say I am in no way considered a pin up.
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