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  1. Tyytebær I CAN DO THEM! Ø Æ lOOK AT ME GO.....
  2. I can't do all your odd letters on my keyboard!
  3. Tyttebaer! And no comments from the blue one on that one please
  4. That better not be indicative of future behavior.
  5. The driver of the bus is now in jail Now in jail Now in jail The driver of the bus is now in jail All day long.
  6. Silly Welsh. They really don't seem to like vowels.
  7. Roont un roont apple buss?
  8. "So what did you do last night dear?" "oh nothing, sat around and said 'bus' randomly"
  9. Thanks to TV I have now learnt a Norwegian word. Buss. Now I am officially multilingual and can say bus in 2 languages. Yay me for learning stuff.
  10. If there's a costume/prop shoot it will specifically mention it in the item title in the shop, if it doesn't say 'guest name costume shoot' then it's a standard one.
  11. I have been played by 2 people, though most people would immediately only think of 1 of them 8
  12. Basically we aren't quite ready to light to torches yet but the pitchforks are being sharpened in preparation.
  13. But he's the reason we can't have nice things.
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