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  1. Red Dragon Another film that its been a while since I've seen it, it'll be 20 years old next year. Gosh. The opening scenes show something I'd forgotten, and this part was set in the 80's but still, Anthony Hopkins and thus Hannibal Lecter, with a ponytail. Poor Hannibal, just no. I have no problem with men with them, it just really doesn't suit the character! It's still a good film and always good to watch.
  2. It's still there as far as I can see and tickets are still live on Eventbrite
  3. Homeland series 8 Prior to this I'd only watched to the end of S1 which was good, but I wasn't fussed enough to carry on with it. I wanted to watch series 8 for reasons* and didn't have enough time to watch 2-7 before hand so leapt in blind hoping I'd be able to figure out what was going on. I was pleasantly surprised to find the story was perfectly understandable from the get go and it was fine that I hadn't seen the previous 6 series to understand what was going on, which was nice. The series was enjoyable to watch. Hugh's character was despicable and loathsome, so it was nice to see him play a different kind of character this time, and the rest of the cast were excellent as well. The ending was a surprise and was well written and apt I think. * reasons
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/David-Tennant-10th-Doctor-Signed-Funko-Pop-With-Hand-Doctor-Who/143600459679?hash=item216f411f9f:g:fEUAAOSwLfNetvK8
  5. There's also these https://www.londongraphics.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=archival+box which are good for storing flat and range in price, I've got one of these which is A3 https://www.londongraphics.co.uk/print-box-35mm-a3 and is acid free, I got it as I ended up with some stuff which was too large for my A4 Ultra Pro pages. Most of them are acid free but the brown ones aren't so ignore those. If you decide to get one of these just make sure the one you pick does say acid free in the description.
  6. If you want something a little more upmarket https://www.cxdinternational.com/ are very good as all the stuff is specifically designed for archiving stuff so it''s all safe https://www.cxdinternational.com/enclosures/transparent-album-pages/timecare-polyester-album-pages-a4-pytcrp7609?returnurl=%2fextendedsearch%3fq%3dpages%26count%3d20 Pages https://www.cxdinternational.com/boxes/paper-book/timecare-museum-ringbinder-box-black-bxtcmb0001?returnurl=%2fextendedsearch%3fq%3dring%26count%3d20 ring binder boxes. I'm not saying this is the size you will need but it's a good picture of what they look like, if you search for 'ring' it'll bring up all the ring bound cases so you can look at the different size options I have no idea if mounting board will fit in the pages though, it depends on how thick it is I guess
  7. Yeah, it was noted a couple of weeks ago.
  8. And one for the HP fans, multi signed inc John Hurt, though not an ideal location for displaying them I think https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/John-Hurt-Zoe-Wannamaker-Katie-Leung-Warwick-Davis-Signed-Wand-Box-Harry-Potter/143599425106?hash=item216f315652:g:dzEAAOSwNZNetWqJ
  9. One for the space fans (I am aware the pic is upside down but that's nothing to do with me!) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Patrick-Moores-Moon-Map-Signed-By-Sir-Patrick-Moore/143599629020?hash=item216f3472dc:g:WAkAAOSwRtBetcBa
  10. Nice item for any Buffy fans https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer-Multi-Signed-Script-S2-Ep-Ted/143600415161?hash=item216f4071b9:g:v9YAAOSwDlZetuKH
  11. Also if she has time to upload a virus to disconnect everyone else maybe?
  12. Hannibal. It's been a while since I've seen them but I noticed they are all on Netflix so decided a rewatch was in order. The film has a strong cast with Julianne Moore doing a credible job in Jodie Fosters place, though in many respects the role of Clarice is rather less involved it feels in this film. Though the ending of the film is very different to the novel it does feel better for it. It's a good film and a worthy entry in the Hannibal visual stable.
  13. It Chapter 2. I know the reviews weren't as good for this as the first but I did enjoy it. I've been a fan of King for a long time and It was always one of my favourite books. It was always going to be hard to adapt it well but I think they did a good job on the whole, some of the CGI was a little lack luster but in the main scenes the effects were good.
  14. I am not mythical but I am not an animal in the strictest definition
  15. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/David-Tennant-10th-Doctor-Signed-Screen-Used-Currency-Note-Doctor-Who/143597293631?hash=item216f10d03f:g:eCsAAOSwcMNesfNM
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