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  1. I'm not buying it but I do like the newly released Han Solo in carbonite
  2. For me it has to be this Will Graham, because look at his little straight jacket and anti bite mask, he's sooooo cute. Followed by LeChiffre, with his funky eye, who's off to play with his bestest pal ever James
  3. What did we say? Once you Pop, you never stop And now I want to know what the second one is.
  4. Like this? Click on the 'quote' button in the post you want to reply to. If you want to reply to multiple people at the same time click on the plus next to quote for everyone you want to reply to and a box will pop up on the bottom right showing how many you are quoting, click on that and it will populate them in the reply box.
  5. All that matters is that you are happy with it and he's very cute.
  6. Did you see my tweet to you? I'd contact who you bought it from about that. I know you aren't a collector but that's quite a big thing I think in the funko world, you might get a free replacement.
  7. Sure Extra care was taken when looking up a 'Henry Cavill winking gif'
  8. It starts with one....just wait until you start wondering if you want the variants as well.
  9. If it's adding another guest onto the order and won't let you buy just hers I'd wait personally
  10. This'll probably go for loads but there's an auction being run by SFX Magazine for a doggy charity that some might be interested in https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143535936200
  11. OK 2 questions. Are you a hero or a villain Does you alias begin with a letter between m-z
  12. Male Not real Human. Nothing to do with anything Ben Browder has been in Has special abilities Has a catchphrase On TV but possibly also other mediums In comics but not a classic character Has more than one name Child friendly Animated and live action character
  13. Meh, just buy them, there's always room somewhere
  14. Very, but have you seen the *cough* accessories they come with. No one in that design room asked a lady what they thought of them for sure.
  15. Eh, it'll toughen them up* * I assume as I've never even heard of it let alone seen it.
  16. Well done, you have to maintain your 5000 now and can never post again.
  17. Watch Men & Chicken. It's thoroughly rude and brilliant.
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