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    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    No. 6 But you're not a million miles away with basic themes.
  2. Raylenth

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    Only kidding, 7
  3. Raylenth

    Who are you meeting?

    No One. Yet.
  4. Not unless it says it's a prop shoot.
  5. Raylenth

    TV shows watched in 2020

    Remember to tell us what you think of them.
  6. Raylenth

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    Most assuredly. 7 If you want a clue, I have actually never been to Earth.
  7. Raylenth

    Films watched in 2020

    Green Butchers. A macabre film where a lot of people die for ultimately no reason. Mads has played a few characters now who have less than a complete grip on reality and he does it so well each time. The character he plays in Green is ultimately very similar to the one he plays in Men and Chicken but given both films are written and directed by the same person it's not really surprising, but they are both amusing to watch and I'd definitely say people should watch it, especially if you want to see him with a silly short tie and receding hairline
  8. Raylenth

    Films watched in 2020

    If you can please do add a bit about what you thought of it without being too spoilery if it's a new film
  9. You can usually upgrade your tickets, so you can buy a lower package if you want and then upgrade later, you just contact the shop and they will help you.
  10. Raylenth

    Films watched in 2020

    Yeah, the ending was.......curious. They could have easily left it without what happened happening and I think it would have flowed better and you'd still have the same did it/didn't it scenario.
  11. Raylenth

    Films watched in 2020

    Martha Marcy May Marlene. Another film I watched for reasons* It's an interesting story that's basically a film about the Manson family in another suit. It stars Elizabeth Olsen in her first film, about a young woman who flees from a cult she's been in for 2 years. The film looks at her trying to reconnect with her family whilst struggling with paranoia (or not) and looking back on her time with the cult. The film and it's ending is left deliberately vague so it's up to the viewer to decide what was going on in the aftermath. It was OK, I'd not say not to watch it. The acting by all the cast was fine, fitting in well with what was going on, though I found it slightly frustrating that her family didn't push more to look into what was going on with her in light of her bizarre behaviour, but from the films perspective they didn't want them to know so, hey ho. * Reasons
  12. I'm thinking Anti Thor, because she totally steals people's thunder
  13. Raylenth

    Dates and locations for events no longer showing

    Yay, they are there, now. Thank you Queen and yes, I hope you feel better.