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  1. Just seen he's going to be voicing King Zarkon on Netflix's Voltron: Legendary Defender. Bex Taylor-Klaus to http://nerdist.com/new-voltron-legendary-defender-trailer-reinvents-the-legend/
  2. Great guest, Bournemouth just keeps getting better and better!
  3. Great first time signer! Loving the Moonraker guests by the way
  4. Great, any chance of the other Drax girls to join Anne?
  5. I missed her last time so very happy with this announcement!
  6. Yep, hoping for more announcements to come in once London is over. Looking forward to meeting Sebastian
  7. Great announcement. Can we get some more Buffy guests please
  8. Nice, glad we've got a Thrones guest in Glasgow. Can we have some more please
  9. Sad about Iain Glen, but looking forward to meeting Roger
  10. Her main scene got cut you can see the deleted scene here - http://youtu.be/LgFP5gdVUHo
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