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  1. PorcelainPerfect

    Feedback from Friday

    I might come down today actually and maybe sunday. I was gutted there wouldn't be the usual party though.
  2. PorcelainPerfect

    C14 Crew Confirmations

    Hey! I still haven't recieved a reply, i'm guessing it's bad news please send again anyway? x
  3. PorcelainPerfect

    The "Post your Pics Thread"!

    i was the camera woman for my cousin this time round, so i didn't take that many pictures with me in it. but yeah, if you saw me around, let me know (: i hope these work. and i was spending most of my time with a cheerleader with a gory leg, and Kyle - one of the crew members. x
  4. PorcelainPerfect

    How to recognise people

    on the saturday i wore jeans and a black top, on the sunday i wore a denim mini skirt and a leopard print top, and monday i wore a backless orange top. the party i was in a red and black corset, black skinny jeans & during the first 5 minutes - heels and the next few hours - pink and black vans LOL# x
  5. PorcelainPerfect

    new to collectormania,

    well, if you would like dear, feel free to let me and my mate jump you LOL we always welcome newbies. anywas, if i see you, i'll come say hello. don't worry about it, most people at CM are lovely and easy to get along with. x
  6. PorcelainPerfect

    Female Film & TV Stars Game

    Orlando Bloom
  7. PorcelainPerfect

    TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer.

    will do love! thanks, x
  8. PorcelainPerfect


    i love shabs, he's a collectormania crew ledgend. along with david b and the others (: kegan x
  9. PorcelainPerfect

    What are yer listnin tooooo ?

    "speeding cars" - imogen heap. x
  10. PorcelainPerfect

    Pick A Lyric.....

    "Here's the day you hoped would never come, don't feed me violins just run with me through rows of speeding cars..." imogen heap - speeding cars
  11. PorcelainPerfect

    TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer.

    it's such an amazing book, i absolutely adore it. I think the casting is brilliant. especially robert pattinson. there's hundreds of video's on you tube of "trailers" which fans have made. some are brilliant. i for one cannot wait until the films release :Dx i just watched the mtv you tube clip, wow, they casted some pretty awesome people. x
  12. PorcelainPerfect

    TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer.

    So i finished the book for the fourth time last night, sad aren't i? anyway, there has been alot of speculation that Rob Pattinson (Cedric Diggory) is going to be playing the mysterious and gorgeous Edward Cullen. I think it's an amazing idea, as Robert is gorgeous and would fit the part completely. the film is meant to come out in the states on 12/12/08. so it will possibly hit the UK during spring 2009. according to youtube fans. Who are discussing what they think about Robert Pattinson on a fan video made after the producers of the film accidently leaked information to fans about who would be playing Edward Cullen. I guess we will just have to wait and see.. has anyone read the book? and what did you think of it? and do you think that Robert Pattinson is right for the part of Edward Cullen? x
  13. PorcelainPerfect

    J K Rowling...

    omg how pathetic. like she can't afford to let him take in a bit of money. she used to be all about her fans, she has really lost sight of what's important. it's a shame really.
  14. PorcelainPerfect

    Any smokers here?

    i smoke, i started when i was thirteen, so my lungs are probably dust by now. need to quit, just haven't got the willpower. remind me to put that on my shopping list...
  15. PorcelainPerfect


    Hi i'm Kegan Hearn-Glennon, everyone calls me either Keg or Keegz. i'm sixteen years old and i'm from dunstable, i hate it. I'm currently unemployed, and i am applying for college to study dance, photography and theatrical make-up. I left school due to bullying, and am taking my GCSE's a year late. which sucks. my closest friends are phil, amy and sabina (who attends CM with me). and i am engaged to my boyfriend of almost a year michael. Don't tell me i'm too young to be engaged, were not getting married for a LONG time. It's just like a trust ring. I have attended every single collectormania, and most LFCC's. I'm currently updating my modelling portfolio and i wish to do fashion modelling when my portfolio is more filled out. bebo (: myspacee! whoreface-x@hotmail.co.uk ^ I know that my MSN addy must give off a bad impression, but it's the name of my best mates band, which i sing in. So it's nothing saucy LOL. I love meeting new people and love the collectormania parties. You've probably seen me about (: I went in a white corset, white trousers and a red long pirate coat afew years back. Last year i wore denim mini shorts, a black top and had long blonde/brown hair. I over edit everything, photo's, descriptions. So come for a coffee with me at an event and get to know the real me. ^i'm not really that orange, it's just how the picture was edited. ^i'm not really that orange, it's just how the picture was edited. ^i'm not really that orange, it's just how the picture was edited. ^i'm not really that orange, it's just how the picture was edited. ^i'm not really that orange, it's just how the picture was edited. ^i'm not really that orange, it's just how the picture was edited.