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  1. that was very difficult cause I am a new Trek fan but had to ignore all the Trek guests and went with Ian Holm Chris Ecclestone and Orlando Bloom Also had to miss out Sean Bean even though I love LOTR and GOT, have met Orlando before but would love a pic with him
  2. all newly filmed shots of george were Jeffrey as Crispin glover refused to return as george after BTTF 1 over a pay dispute
  3. Christopher Lee fell out with the Hammer Horror guys mainly to do with the later Dracula movies so therefore as far as I know alway refuses to sign Dracula memorabilia
  4. hard choice on the first one went with Ian Holm but would love to meet both 2nd and third choice were far easier Hayden as I have met Christopher on a couple of occassion and Ewan as I have no interest in Highlander
  5. some Doctor Who guests would be the obvious Maybe a Doctor and his assistant together?
  6. Just been cast in The Dark Knight Rises so very doubtful that he would be available now
  7. Depends on how he feels about events Maybe use the Hub as a test run for future signing events
  8. its about time we had a tv/film star that has never been to an event before that isn't a niche guest. Don't get me wrong you have had lots of people that I have wanted to meet but I get the feeling a lot of last years guests were adored by some people but other people not so much Its time for a guest that people are like wow I know him from such and such and some else to say I know them from something completely different
  9. could they be future Hub guests?!!!!!
  10. Some Universe cast would be nice Failing that David Hewlett cause he is the only Atlantis cast member I haven't met
  11. the mail that has been sent around says two guest announcements!!!
  12. How about some guests from The Tudors? With the series finished in America and the last season to be shown here in the UK surely now is the perfect time to get some guests yes people like Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill are probably out of reach but there are other cast members that would surely be more than approachable
  13. Yes please while your at it include Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip another wonderful Aaron Sorkin creation
  14. For me I think the specials have got better with each one don't care much for David Morrisey anyway and missed the original showing as I was away in Florida for 3 weeks the 2nd one was much better and felt Michelle Ryan was a far better assistant just the right side of the 70's Dr Who ham!!!! Waters of Mars was another step on back to the serious side of the Doctor and we have seen him now spiralling towards his death to say the worse episode was the one that starred the iconic villian just proves what a lot of people have saying for a while that we are bored of the Cybermen an
  15. Mary Poppins the greatest film from my childhood, it's the sort of film that you can watch over and over. I have been trying to find a way of meeting Julie and Dick, and not being able to afford to go to Julie's concert in London as I am getting married March it would be fantastic if you could get either of them to Autographica
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