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  1. Having just watch a programme about classic Brittish cars (hosted by Paul McGann of all people!) I thought I'd suggest Paddy Hopkirk, the rally driver, as a sports guest.
  2. i am loving secret circle so pleased with this
  3. I'm not as excited as I would be if it was Potter related (I know unlikely to happen but I can dream!) but will be very interesting to read something non-Potter from her
  4. i would have been on here 8 years in May, didn't think it had been that long!
  5. I voted for Secret Circle, Harry Potter (no surprises there) and none of the above. Glad to hear there is still some hope of another HP con in the future i was gutted when MM2 got cancelled
  6. I was gutted when Muggle Mayhem was cancelled so I would love for SM/ME to give it another chance, although i'm guessing it's unlikely to happen.
  7. BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. rupert grint there are others but he's always been top of my ultimate dream guest wishlist
  9. i am so glad we'd already planned on going to this was gutted i couldn't make EMS to meet her in novemeber
  10. i'd love to meet the entire bones cast so any of them that SM can get would be amazing!
  11. Probably a long shot but the Strictly Come Dancing professionals! the ones still involved with the show might be hard to get but there's quite a few who don't do the show any more and i'd love to meet them all.
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