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  1. Sports Guest Suggestions

    Having just watch a programme about classic Brittish cars (hosted by Paul McGann of all people!) I thought I'd suggest Paddy Hopkirk, the rally driver, as a sports guest.
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - CHRIS ZYLKA

    i am loving secret circle so pleased with this
  3. New JK Rowling adult book

    I'm not as excited as I would be if it was Potter related (I know unlikely to happen but I can dream!) but will be very interesting to read something non-Potter from her
  4. wow have been a forum member for 8 years!

    i would have been on here 8 years in May, didn't think it had been that long!
  5. I voted for Secret Circle, Harry Potter (no surprises there) and none of the above. Glad to hear there is still some hope of another HP con in the future i was gutted when MM2 got cancelled
  6. Natalia Tena's band did perform at Muggle Mayhem
  7. I was gutted when Muggle Mayhem was cancelled so I would love for SM/ME to give it another chance, although i'm guessing it's unlikely to happen.
  8. Up in 5s

  9. Another Number Game

  10. I'm bored game

  11. Would Love to Meet

    rupert grint there are others but he's always been top of my ultimate dream guest wishlist

    i am so glad we'd already planned on going to this was gutted i couldn't make EMS to meet her in novemeber
  13. Bones Cast

    i'd love to meet the entire bones cast so any of them that SM can get would be amazing!
  14. Who do you want to meet

    Probably a long shot but the Strictly Come Dancing professionals! the ones still involved with the show might be hard to get but there's quite a few who don't do the show any more and i'd love to meet them all.