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  1. Yeah i just wanna say a huge thanks to jason,stuart, davey, (great music at the crew party),andy and all the pit bosses who worked, especially chris, john, donna and andy (loving the heels) for making me feel really welcome! I have been coming to collectormania since collectormania 3 and i love it everytime but seeing as it was my first time actually crewing, i felt so welcome and you are now all like my family! i really loved seeing collectormania not just from in the crowd! crewing is a one in a million experience which i hope i can repeat at the next collectormania! cheers again for being great! this event couldn't happen without all your hard work too so well done for creating my best collectormania yet! amanda x
  2. i have to say adam busch!!!! he is definately very hot and nicholas brendon is a close second although i didn't think he was that nice the last collectormania he was here!!!! robert englund is the guy who played Freddy Kruger!!!!!!
  3. hey mork!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YESTERDAY!!!! by the way in case you dont remember me....im the one who went to the new years eve party and got really drunk!!!!! u were with emma and my name is amanda. best wishes and loads of hugs!!!!, amanda xxxxx
  4. hey!!!! go to boots!!! i work myself at boots and i just happen to work in the photo lab....u can do it on the kodak machine which costs 3.99 and u get a cd and an index print or you can ask the staff at boots to do it and it costs just bout 2.00 to 3.00 pound!!!! hope that helps...its easier by the way to do it on the kodak machine as it takes less time to do!!!!! and it accepts all media cards. amanda
  5. i think it lookslike a basilisks too!!!!
  6. wow morphing hobbits! that would be very cool! who would people morph! i think that i would have to morph Elijah and Dom! cause i think they are both very hot and if they were morphed then i would be in heaven and fate with the shock of it all! very nice!!!!!!!!! x-amanda-x
  7. yes orli is very hot and so is elijah wood.....but my vote has to go to Craig Parker and Dom monaghan! im sorry if people disagree but that is my taste and i think that he is very hot!!!! and i have met Elijah, craig and dom so its all good!!!!!!!!!
  8. wow.....i didn't know that the healing song was sung by arwen! yeah it was really nice.....really relaxing and calm! yeah i agree it was a nice connection between the whole arwen, aragorn and eowyn thing.....really made the whole storyline make sense.....well thats what i think! x-amanda-x
  9. wow, good choice of person to get there! its a real shame though coz i cant go because im actually in france at that weekend coz i have to go on this french study visit with my school, its for my exam so i have to go!
  10. wow, same here! definately an obsession! and whats wrong with that! nothing!
  11. well i heard that PJ is already planning to do it anyways!!!! well lets hope that the hobbits return! yay for the hobbits!
  12. I want to meet Sean Astin, coz i need his signature so please bring him x-amanda-x
  13. Yeah please show masters please bring like the greatest duo to Collectormania 7, that would be brill!!!!!!!! please x-amanda-x
  14. Hey Can we have Craig Parker back again please!!! Hes the best luv amanda
  15. Dominic Monaghan and Craig Parker back definately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!! They are the nicest guys!!!!!!!
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