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  1. Does Cardiff still do pay on the door entry tickets or is it just prepaid now like London?
  2. Is Bill Paxtons signing area easy to find? worried im going to spend ages tomorrow trying to find him and get a high VQ ticket no.
  3. because of this new eticketing. will photoshoots still be available to buy at event? Thanks
  4. Been a while since I attended london & it seems to have all changed with these etickets. Can we still pay on the door to get in (on the sunday), or do u have to pre buy eticket online??? Cheers
  5. who was she in superman?? only star wars and bond on her imdb. any ideas?
  6. The entry prices on main site are different to online store???????
  7. Me too.didn't meet him this time, but he's annoyingly good looking
  8. I'll be there on the Sunday, China have to look out for you. pic with cap would be cool
  9. I'll be there Sunday, will some photoshoots tickets be saved to sell on the Sunday? so they don't get all sold on the Saturday and Sunday people miss out.
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