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  1. Thanks to the man running Nathan's photo shoot queue on Saturday, and the lady on Nathan's first table (where you hand over your hard earned cash) because you have me a ticket while eating lunch! Multitasking at it's best! Really should learn names but feel silly saying I'm nyhobbit79 who are you? To the rest of you, you all work hard and I've always found you incredibly helpful and friendly. Cheers!!
  2. I always forget what I want to ask the guests when I get to the table. I worry that I will ask the same things everyone else has. I would love to meet Richard again, all of us seem to have come away with the best memories of him. I chuckled inside when he introduced himself, he didn't need to - he is my favourite Predator character, but it was so kind and thoughtful. You could see he was so grateful that fans were eager to meet him for something that he made 20 years ago and it's brilliant to have a guest thank you for coming to see them and really mean it. I have nothing but re
  3. Thanks Jason, I would have stopped you at the event but every time I saw you, you seemed busy. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and as you say there were a few teething problems. Nothing that cannot be fixed for next time. Thanks to everyone for making this weekend brilliant for me and my niece.
  4. So, after another wicked weekend it is back to reality with a bump. For me that means going back to work at a computer game shop. A job I have put of necessity rather than because I enjoy it. Guess I'll be spending the whole day daydreaming about the softness of Nathan Fillion's hands. I know this is not strictly about the show, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets the post convention blues
  5. Did anyone think to warn Asda that hundreds of us would be descending upon their cash machine this weekend?
  6. Richard Chaves and Nathan Fillion, because both shook my hand and introduced themselves using their whole names! Superb guests, Nathan didn't have much time to chat due to demand for him. Let's face it ladies he is nice to look at. Richard spoke about Predator and said he remembered filming the whole of it and that it was a great experience. I told him that Predator was one of my all time favourite films and he thanked me! He seemed genuinely happy to be meeting the fans and thankful that we loved his work. A truly wonderful guest, thankyou Richard and Showmasters.
  7. I thoroughly recommend meeting Mark, I met him at MK and he was brilliant. We spoke about Transformers for ages and it felt like he genuinely enjoyed meeting fans. He signed a framed pic of Optimus, Bumblebee and Megatron for me, and it is now one of my most prized possessions.
  8. Not quite enough to make me switch teams (Cullen all the way) but DAMN those boys are hot.
  9. Goodbye Andy, you were charming and truly a lovely human being and the world is just a little worse off now that you are no longer with us. When I met Andy he had just bought a shaving plug adaptor as British plugs have three prongs and American plugs have two. He was scrutinising the plug and decided out loud that "Yes, that will do the job" He then looked up, smiled and said "sorry, I'm having a shaving problem." Like I said, he was charming. My condolonces go out to his friends and family and people like me, who have fond memories of meeting such a lovely man.
  10. My heart just skipped a beat! Excellent news, thank you SM's
  11. Lol, the 'suits' realised what we knew all along! I mean, just look at his smile....so Jacob, almost enough to tempt me away from my undying love for Mr. Cullen...almost
  12. LOL Mr Darcy, that was exactly what I was thinking when I was frantically reading New Moon on Christmas night. Oh but think of the possibilities - Edward and Mr Darcy! All. Rolled. Into. One. Quick, I need a brown paper bag!!
  13. Well 5 viewings in and it's not old yet I love Rob's smouldering black eyes, I wish he had been 'hungry' more often. Ashley was perfect as Alice, I adore Jasper - especially his "I think we can handle that" to Victoria. The baseball scene was perfect, amazing song by Muse! Carlisle was incredibly attractive!!! Rob's song playing when Edward sucks the venom from Bella is simply tear inducing! Still have minor reservations about Kristen's Bella but I'm sure they will fade with the passing of time. It will be interesting to see how New Moon works chemistry wise, consid
  14. Based on the film I am of course Team Edward. I am almost finished reading Breaking Dawn and I have softened a little toward Jacob. But if I were going to be pro werewolf it would be Team Seth! On the whole I'm a Cullen girl through and through, aside from Edward (too perfect for words) I also love Alice, Emmett, Jasper and Carlise in that order, so yeah - Team Cullen for me thank you very much!
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