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  1. I suggested Power rangers as a guest ages ago, I never thought it would actually happen!!!! JA
  2. Good idea and wanted most of it, but the best way I seen this done was a computer that recorded the bid and then hid it from the next bidder. JA
  3. Any large difference in ticket numbers? Hi, I am Number 17 for Dinklage and 64 for Danny Glover and I am still waiting to receive my Norman ticket. Will these numbers help or hinder? JA
  4. Can't believe the odds of that - I only have three photos on Friday, Peter Dinklage, Danny Glover and Norman Reedus. They are all at 7.00pm! I have had clashes before but never a X3 clash, any ideas??? JA
  5. Thanks SM One more, If there are more boxing guests to come will there be a boxingmania photoshoot ticket?? Thanks JA
  6. Will his photoshoot be included in the deluxe weekend pass. I am guessing not?? JA
  7. Astronauts and Boxing - This is just became a convention made for me!!! JA
  8. Hi everyone - Just being blind but What are the opening times for the Friday night preview Cheers JA
  9. How about the original Power Rangers. JA
  10. Just seen the new Trailer for Game of Thrones. Please bring Iain Glen back, I missed him last time! JA
  11. Excellent news, well done I could manage one more before becoming completely bankrupt. JA
  12. My money is on either Sydow or an awesome Apollo guest JA
  13. Its not gonna be Swarzzenegger, Stallone or Hathaway! Despite the fact I would love it to be. Peter Dinklage is more where I am thinking... JA
  14. Jim McDivitt may be possible JA
  15. Danny Glover did one recently - He would be good If you got Felix Baumgartner - It would be VERY busy. JA
  16. Maybe some Skylab Guests??? JA
  17. Sheffield!! Please There is (and never has been) anything like this here Its Two hours from everywhere too!!! Please give it a thought Ja
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