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  1. WOW SO COOL :clap: :clap: :clap:
  2. YES YES YES CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL THE SHOW COOL!!!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
  3. WOW SO COOL!!!! NOW ( now the bad news how much for his autograph?)
  4. mart99

    Guest Days and Prices

    Given the iconic nature of Mr Aldrin's fame, the idea that anybody other than him would have any input into his rates is perhaps a little naive; basically you either pay what he asks, or he won't be coming. (Let's face it, you're not going to get Neil Armstrong to come instead, are you? ) You have access to details of Mr Aldrin's financials? How are you in a position to judge that "he clearly doesn't" need the money? If nothing else, since he has recently filed for divorce in California, one can suspect that however much money he has (or that you think he has) is about to be rather diminished. £225 is a good price for BUZZ. I paid more than that in the states two years ago. If you think it's too much don't pay it!!!!!!
  5. mart99

    Some space guests already announced?

    I have heard that Glynn Lunney (Gemini/Apollo era flight director) will not be at Autographica 16 Any chance of some shuttle Astronauts
  6. mart99

    Autographica 15

    Can anyone tell me why autographica has been moved to May instead of April?
  7. mart99

    Guest Suggestions

    guest suggestion: Astronauts! Al Bean, Gene Cernan, would be nice! Eileen Collins, first female commander of the space shuttle. Tom Jones, the astro not the singer! MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - Mike Collins!! Apollo 11 command module pilot. OR any shuttle astronauts. Maybe a couple of russian Cosmonauts would be nice.
  8. mart99

    Guest Suggestions

    Good Choice i would second that
  9. mart99

    thanks dave and jason

    This is my second show and after a 320 mile round trip it was worth every mile got to meet Charlie Duke (he signed my apollo 16 space capsule) Bruce McCandless and Helen sharman OBE. Brilliant, good show loved all the stands as well.
  10. mart99

    Rick Searfoss

    Ok thanks (oh well 3 out of 4 astros can't be bad )
  11. mart99

    Rick Searfoss

    So did i, But i wish someone could tell me what happened to him !! Also i would like to know if he was there today?
  12. mart99

    Rick Searfoss

    YA someone else said that.
  13. mart99

    Rick Searfoss

    Hi i went to the show yesterday and there was no sign of Rick Searfoss and no one had any idea where he was. Just wanted to know if he was ok.
  14. mart99

    New guest announcement for Autographica

    Has anyone have any idea how much Scott Carpenter charges for an autograph?