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  1. Schedules are subject to change, so just keep an eye out, and be sure to check the schedule on the day.
  2. Real shame about the cancellation. Hopefully you can get them back at some point this year. Thanks for the speedy refund!
  3. Fantastic guest announcement. Here's hoping for more TLOU cast (both TV and Games) in the future.
  4. My first for the year was John Bishop.
  5. I'm really hoping for some The Last of Us guests (Game and TV show).
  6. This is her third event this year, and her diamond passes are currently at batch 4. She's also a very fast signer. Impossible to know for sure, but I'd say the odds are good.
  7. If it helps any, David is a fast signer.
  8. With all these Doctors attending, I'd really love some smaller Who guests. Perfect chance to add to my posters/books.
  9. Yeah, it's only the last three specials of Jodie's era. Maybe in the future we'll get a Flux + specials release.
  10. There's going to be a complete specials DVD release. It's currently available for pre-order.
  11. Brilliant announcement. Might have to get my hands on some of her film posters.
  12. The only way to guarantee getting his autograph is to purchase a diamond pass. If you arrive very early you have a good chance of getting a low VQ number. However the likelihood of getting through VQ tickets depends very much on how many diamond passes get sold, how much time he has to sign around photo sessions, and also attendance numbers. Good luck getting your items signed.
  13. 43.19527% - Major Geek I took this test a while back...I think it's increased a little!!!...COOL!!! (I revel in my geekiness) ...Hee-Hee, seems i'm the geekiest so far...
  14. I'm afraid to say that none of these guests will be able to appear(as far as I know). Emma, Amy, Andy, and Tom...are appearing at another event, and going on past knowledge, it's normally written into the contract that they can't appear at another event for a specific amount of time, before and after the event.Without permission...I'm pretty sure that's how it works. Eliza's doing her one off appearance somewhere else, and James is doing his own european tour, and it was stated that this would be all he's doing this year(although that might change now that Angel's been canceled???).
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