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    Stan Lee - Signing no more...

    Did anyone buy the limited edition lfc dedication to Stan? It was signed and wondered if it was just a print on the front? Was limited to 250 copies apparently.
  2. Babbler

    How was Carrie Fisher ?

    30 mins late? She was meant to be there around 1000 and didn't get to the autograph until 1130! Although I've no idea how she would have signed for 30 mins then photo shoot. Mixed things said too. Some said she was at the photo shoot but I guess not. And yes she didn't like being asked to put her character name on at all.
  3. Babbler

    well wtf happened there

    Ps let's see how many end up on fleabay. Lol
  4. Babbler

    well wtf happened there

    Item limit wasn't 5 as the people in front of me with Carrie Fisher had about 20 posters signed each. They were not dealers either.
  5. Babbler

    Early bird LOL

    Got there ate 0730 ish. Was in by 0915. Got all my vts by 0930 and had all autographs by 1230. Admittedly only 3. Spent 1.5 hours waiting for CG to turn up but when she did it moved fast. However I think the hall was over full as couldn't get to look at the stalls easily due to the corridors being packed. Stan Lee's hall was quiet. Went there last and had a laugh with the comic artists who were happy to chat and not many queues. I Will say the virtual tickets went fast and if you didn't get there very early with a ticket you would have struggled with the big guests. But that us always the case. Signings all felt more rushed than normal and less personal than previous experiences but hey thas what happens when so many people want autos...
  6. Babbler

    Autograph writing

    For me it was quite rushed but still great to meet her. Nice to get a quote!
  7. Babbler

    Early bird LOL

    In the queue now. Quite long for prepaid but no longer than usual. But getting long now. When I got here at 0730 the buy on day queue was very short. Kinda think those there at same time May get in before me! Lol. Will see what it's like inside today...
  8. Babbler


    Eurogamer sell out pre event and there are never issues getting in etc. But then there aren't any signings either and its a different event :))
  9. Babbler

    Very disappointed

    Stan Lee was always going to be a problem. With so many photo shoots and talks when would he have time to sign all the autos that people wanted?
  10. Babbler


    I'm going tomorrow. Got tickets. Worried it's not worth it now. What was the queue for Carrie Fisher like? I'm assuming you are lucky to get good numbers in the virtual queues then once you have one for one star by the time you get to another they are ridiglculously high? Seems that showmasters sold more tickets than they could catre for. Shame really. Dreading tomorrow now. I have to come a long way. Been wanting to meet summer for years and Carrie but what are the chances I Will?
  11. Babbler

    Explanation please...

    I wasnt using a flash. In fact I hardly saw any flashes from people taking photies from nearby. I think people realise not to use flashes in these situations. And as I said - its been fine in previous shows just not this one. Also - would have been nice to be told politely rather than shouted at. :|
  12. Babbler

    Explanation please...

    I got told off for taking a picture from far away (the end of the stalls) - flash was off. Was told I cant take pictures of the guests. Never had that problem in past events
  13. Babbler

    Your Views On Harry Potter Set!

    I thought it was a bit pants tbh. Nothing special .Very let down by it...
  14. Babbler

    more guest to come tonight we are on a run today

    Need a REALLY great guest to make up for Laura cancellation
  15. Babbler

    Guest cancellation Laura Vandervoort

    Only reason I was planning on going Oh well... saved some money I guess!
  16. Grrrrrrr - want it! £45 a bot steap for me though £25 Is have bought it like a shot!
  17. Great! Summer Glau now too please :)
  18. Babbler

    Ben Browder queue

    Thanks :@)
  19. Going tomorrow :) What was Ben Browders queue like? And Katies? Also - was it easy to get photoshoot tickets on the day for Ben? Cheers :)
  20. Babbler

    Talk times and photo ops times

    Any more ben browder photo shoots on sale on the day? I fogot to get one for a friend and she will kill me if she cant have one done!!!
  21. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Say she will appear on SUNDAY! :)
  22. Babbler

    latest Guest Announcement Ben Browder

    WOO HOO! Cant wait to meet him AGAIN! And Virginia for the first time. MORE FARSCAPE PEOPLE PLEASE!
  23. Babbler

    Why pointless guests

    I do hope the "Amazing Guest" is announced before they stop sending out tickets as thats what Im waiting for to decide if I go or not... and want to pre-order! lol
  24. Babbler

    Amazing Guest Announcement coming soon!

    Did someone call my name?
  25. Babbler

    Amazing Guest Announcement coming soon!

    Im the same with Mafia wars! lol.