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  1. Hobbit14

    what guests would you like for LFCC 2008?

    OMFG! Someone else who likes Robert Downey JR? I doubt it would ever happen. But if I EVER got to meet him I WOULD cry. He's my fave ever actor. I've met Tom Felton before. I personally would like the whole cast of Lord of the Rings
  2. Hobbit14

    Dominic Monaghan

    LOL! Yeah saw both them things. And we were like awwww at both of them. Hee!
  3. Hobbit14

    William Mapother

    I can't see a thread on him yet. So i'm sorry if their is one and i've not spotted it. Now I just have to say. What an awesome guy he is. I'm not a Lost fan. But my mate is, she's obsessed. And he's her favourite Character. And we randomly ended up meeting him about 4 or 5 times. And by Sunday, he ended up recognising us. But we were forever having long conversations with him. And he tried to calm down somebody that was with us too. I'll still probably never be a big Lost fan. But it was a nice experience to meet him.
  4. Hobbit14

    Grrrrr @ London Underground !

    Hmmm yeah I really should come on here more often. Cos we didn't realise this till the Sunday. Luckily we came on the Friday so we were okay getting their. But on the way back we had to do a detour to Green Park on the Piccadilly Line and change to the Victoria line from their. We were also getting the coach frm their.
  5. Hobbit14

    Dominic Monaghan

    I think a question was asked that if they could bring back any character who would it be. And William said Charlie. LOL! The whole talk was just random and funny though
  6. Hobbit14

    Because of this weekend...

    And because of this i'm gonna say I don't even know what Hero's is *hides*
  7. Hobbit14

    Dominic Monaghan

    I was sooooo excited for meeting Dom. And he just totally made my weekend. Bless him. Yeah he was talking away to Hayden. But he still had a little time to talk to us too. And he said thank you to me and my mate at the end too. And in the photo session he was just so adorable. I ended up having three pictures with him. Cos the idiot that I am. As soon as the flash goes I end up with my eyes closed in the picture. LOL! He was sooo patient and by the third one he was like "awww yay" to me. Then in the Lost Talk on Sunday that was just hilerious. I'm not really a Lost fan. I'm Lord of the Rings obsessed. But he soooo made my weekend
  8. Hobbit14

    I'm new here!

    Hello, Welcome to the board:)
  9. Hobbit14

    happy new year

    Happy New Year everyone
  10. Hobbit14

    Happy new year...

    God Damn! We turned BBC over cos thought they wern't gonna show the celebrations. But Happy New Year everyone.
  11. Hobbit14

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!&#33

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone I got a giant Return of the King poster off one of me mates
  12. Hobbit14

    The ROTK Cry-o-meter!!!

    I've never read the books either. Well like one chapter of Fellowship of the Ring. Then I realised how much they'd missed out and thought "Bloody hell". But for some reason, I find the books hard to read and get into:( Our whole cinema was in stitches at Gimli's "It still only counts as one" Class
  13. Hobbit14


    Theirs one with Billy Boyd too
  14. Hobbit14

    The ROTK Cry-o-meter!!!

    Oh my god what a beautiful film the third one is. I had slight tears in my eyes through most of it. But worst was with Frodo and Sam in Mordor. Never laughed so much at Gimli either. I'm soooo going again to see it.
  15. Hobbit14

    Extended FOTR

    Thank god one of the major cinema's is only like 5 minutes away from me. Went to see it tonight. That cavetroll still makes me jump Don't think I can get to see the Two Towers though. But all the extra stuff is amazing. And I don't see why they couldn't have it in first time round. Cos it's only about 40 minutes worth.