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  1. Again, I've only skimmed through certain sections, so this may be a repeat of lots of other posts, but would add: 1) Look at the most popular guests from previous events (not just LFCC) and look at how many autos have been completed - eg people like Stan, Gillian A, David T, Karl U, etc and then look at a realistic number which you can pre sell. You should not just sell 000's of tickets "just because" - the guest should have a good experience too and that will often mean at least making eye contact and shaking hands with people, as well as plenty of breaks. Hopefully then, the guest woul
  2. I very rarely post on these threads because I find that they can often get out of hand and degenerate into mud slinging, which then means the whole thread is often closed or deleted, thereby serving no real service. I will also openly admit that I haven't read every post, so this may be a repetition, but my observations were: 1) Better liaison with the venue so that information such as "car park full", unless you've pre-booked, can be mentioned to attendees. The car park is always busy, but not to the extent it was this weekend. People then have the chance of travelling earlier to fi
  3. I have fairly low photo shoot tickets for both Gillian and Holly but there is a clash for their first photo sessions. I also have a photo shoot with Tom Skerritt which could mean I could drop into the 1.10pm Gillian photo shoot, but since I try to escape as early as possible after I've had any photos taken and collected any autos so that I can keep my parking costs to a minimum (a friend usually collects my printed photos for me), and since there is always a risk of delays (yes I know photos are more reliable at keeping to time than autos are) if I went into the Holly queue first, would I the
  4. They are not hidden, nothing has been posted yet. Jason is apparently still working on some guests, hence the delay. It will be up as soon as possible. Thanks - I wasn't suggesting it was hidden deliberately, just that I couldn't see it and that it might be contained in the middle of a thread somewhere. I can understand the delay, but from previous events the information was normally available and was just updated as/when there were any guest updates.
  5. The information may be hidden somewhere, and usually it's on the same page as guest attendance information, but since we are now less than two weeks from the event, any idea when photo shoot times will be posted? It would be useful to know how long I will need to be at the event for. Ta muchly
  6. Sorry I'm a little confused with the reply - as you mention that I can use my driving license (yes I will have the card I booked the ticket with) but then you say that I would need my passport just for registration - so I'm not sure whether I'll need it or not. Re my friend she does have limited Internet access but she can't email it to work because it's not allowed, I would normally print her confirmation off but we are travelling on different days and I won't see her until after the event has started. The other friends she is travelling with either don't have access to computers so they
  7. Bring your order print out and your passport instead. That will work too if the letter does not show up. Couple of quick queries for you: I don't tend to carry my passport around with me and obviously don't want run the risk of losing it whilst at the event. I do however normally have my driving license with me but it's not photo ID, will this be acceptable since I will be turning up with the confirmation email (since I haven't yet got my ticket) or the ticket if it arrives on time? I also have a friend who has not yet received her ticket and has no means of printing out the co
  8. Excellent guest, I don't think she's done a UK event since 2002, so will be great to meet her again. Excellent guest, I don't think she's done a UK event since 2002, so will be great to meet her again.
  9. Is there a reason why there are no details to pre purchase photo shoots for this event yet? Also, when you look at the actual event website, only Teryl and Michael are listed as doing photos, with prices TBC. Does anyone have any idea when they might become available and if Sarah will also be doing a photo shoot? Ta muchly Elaine
  10. Excellent guest, thanks SM - another auto to add to my SG-1 collection.
  11. Excellent news, have wanted to see Sarah at a convention for a while.
  12. I heard Sarah Douglas popped in briefly on Friday and would love to see her at a convention. Would also love to see Ellie Harvie again, particularly if she did some of her comedy routine as she is hilarious. In terms of new guests, I'd love to meet any of the actors who played the following (can't remember all the actors names): Lord Yu Zipacna Chronus plus Michael Adamthwaite all new guests to conventions in the UK.
  13. Since my original feedback got deleted from another thread, I'll try again on this one although it will no doubt be a repeat of what other people have already said as I have not bothered to read through every single post. As many people have said, the venue was b****y cold and it might have been useful to have been informed that it was so open - whilst you don't expect a stadium to be the warmest of places, I cannot recall seeing anything which indicated it was practically outdoors and that people should bring coats etc. Thankfully I carry one in my car and was able to put that on, and th
  14. It's unfortunate for anyone who has a flight or trains, etc booked just to see one guest. Like you, I'm fortunate that I will need to have my photo shoot ticket refunded. To my knowledge, Amanda has only been announced twice for a SM event and whilst she has not yet attended, her reasons are genuine for not being able to appear. The first time was because she was pregnant and it was obviously risky for her to fly and this time she will be directing Sanctuary - her website has announced that the director's schedule has only just been issued and this has therefore caused the conflict.
  15. I ordered 3 photo tickets for Ben Browder on Wednesday (6 May) and as yet haven't received an automated reply to say the order has gone through. I have just checked my account details and the shop says that the tickets have been paid for, but I've not had confirmation. A friend of mine ordered her ticket at around the same time and has confirmed that she got notification a few minutes later - there isn't anything in my spam folder either as I have it set up to accept stuff from SM. When I ordered tickets for Amanda Tapping's photo shoot I did get a confirmation, in fact I just deleted
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