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  1. defluocor

    Guest Suggestions

    I'd like to see Peter Lyon (production swordsmith) and other WETA staff. Incredibly talented individuals!
  2. defluocor

    Jimmy Perry, David Croft, and Jeremy Lloyd

    Like others say, I'd love to meet any Dad's Army guests, please try for them!
  3. defluocor


    Thanks reddragon, Kevin Whately would cover both fan bases obviously.
  4. defluocor


    What about a Morse/Lewis reunion? I just walked by Laurence Fox this morning filming series 5 and it came to mind. So how about Kevin Whately, Colin Dexter, Laurence Fox and Claire Holman. I'm sure I'm nto the only one interested!
  5. defluocor

    Challenge to get Some forgotten Heros

    Here here! What happened with those celebrations in 1946 is a permanent stain on this nation's history. I welcome the call for Polish as well as British airmen and women.
  6. defluocor

    Latest Guest Announcement - IAN LAVENDER

    Hear hear! And not everyone lives in or near the Norfolk area (or has fan society knowledge) where I understand many of the events take place. Secondly, some younger fans like me (26), have come to like Dad's Army late in its day and long after many of the cast have passed on/gotten to old to attend/attend less and less events. So I heartily back a Dad's Army reunion!
  7. defluocor

    Latest Guest Announcement: SYLVIA ANDERSON

    I third the request for Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet guests!!!
  8. defluocor

    Latest Guest Announcement: NICHOLAS PARSONS

    Thanks guys, brilliant guest and was sorry to miss him at a past event. Now what to get signed......
  9. defluocor


    I know he has done two other Showmasters events but I think Patrick Stewart would be fantastic for Autographica, especially given the more intimate style and the calibre of guests. So that's my number one vote for the next event, I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd be happy. My list would be: Patrick Stewart Brian Blessed Any WW2 military guests Gerry Anderson Honor Blackman Michael Palin Alan Lee John Howe
  10. defluocor

    Excellent event - well done!

    Again on a tight budget hence just went for Leslie really. Had a great photo shoot with him where he seemed to make everyone laugh, what a great guy. Browsing the stalls my wife and I found an original Airplane movie poster for a bargain price and so got him to sign that. Initially we asked for a quote from Airplane on the poster but due to him being a bit deaf he was asking if we were married, we said yes and that it was our anniversary etc so he wrote "Good luck, Happy Anniversary, Leslie Nielsen". He was very sweet about it and apologised for being a bit deaf. A memory to treasure!
  11. defluocor

    VIP Goodie Bag question 3

  12. defluocor

    latest Guest Announcement - Leslie Nielsen

    Thank guys, just ordered tickets. Can't wait!
  13. defluocor

    latest Guest Announcement - Leslie Nielsen

    To the organizers...do we have a day for the Nielsen photoshoot yet? I was going to buy a day ticket but didn't want to get the wrong one for obvious reasons. Thanks.
  14. defluocor


    I will take up the rallying cry for more WW2 guests! How about Billy Gray, Tich Rayner, Stan Watson and Alf Whitbread - heroes who took part in the capture of Pegasus bridge on D-Day. If the organisers are interested they can get in touch with them through Danny Greeno at Project 65 or you can try the Aces High gallery that often does veteran signings. I won't provide links so not to look as though I am advertising them. I can't be the only ones who would love to meet them!
  15. defluocor

    Guest Announcement for Autographica

    Fantastic guest, can't wait. Brilliant in A Bridge Too Far.