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  1. Thank you!! :) :) :) I only look on forum
  2. Hi, do we know when Barbara Bains auto/photo prices will be posted? Seems a long time since the announcement... I know these things can take time but can anyone shed any light on this?? Thanks
  3. Hey, thanks :) and yep was there sunday and at midlands, you seem familar too!
  4. Hehe hi everyone again, here are my pics from a great weekend and bank holiday My mum and me and the gorgeous Matt Rippy Matt Rippy and Me (one of the nicest blokes I've met) My parents and I Thanks to showmasters for yet another great convention!
  5. beckla

    Exam time!

    I've got my AS level exams next 3 weeks lol, its going to be hell, first one on monday and its down hill from there haha Good luck to everyone else doing exams in the next month!!
  6. Hi, just wondering, Linda Blairs photo shoot is down for the monday but it says here shes only confirmed to be there fri - sun, is her photo session being moved? thanks
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