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  1. hi all. won't be at lfcc. not much money, and not much reason to go. i'm not likely to be around on here much in the future, or even on the net. take care, everyone. - sean.
  2. he got 'woman' in 20 questions?!?!?!!!!!!
  3. hey, happy birthday, hope its a good one err... thats all, methinks... talk soon!! pleebles
  4. i hear final fantasy has moved to the 360, and one of its designers is signed up too (he left the team and signed up before Square did) xbox 1 admittedly doesn't yet take advantage of its power, though was readin the other day that Third Age 2 is bein developed for xbox 1, at least i think its for it. sometime next year. i'm lookin forward to it whats gonna do it for me though is: 1. backwards compatibility - if 360 cuts this out, i'll probably never get one. PS3 has it for definate though. 2. games - the better games bein stuck only on one of them (from my perspective) will be another factor 3. price - speaks for itself really and the power of the PS3 is tempting...so tempting....
  5. mutual, not neutral good luck
  6. what, are you questioning my lack of sanity?? what comes first into the head is the necessary one to say. pelgies
  7. no idea, but i assume there'd be a way of puttin in water to a series of tubes, and usin some means of coolin it so it could be pumped through. seems to be that they can't get it runnin at full power at the moment, and they can't cool it right either. it may be a joke, thats true, but its hard to know. and to put water in would automatically make it more expensive... they'd have to prevent leakage, and waterproof everythin
  8. ps3 = water cooling system, from what i hear. expect it to be over £500. fair enough, my info could be wrong, but its what i'm expecting
  9. yup... but if its gonna be over £400? who wants to pay that? i spent £100 on a black xbox (not fan of the crystal) so i'm definatley not spendin many hundreds on a new console. anyway, most of the games i play are on the PC just that xbox is good for multiplayer point in waitin till price is down is that you can get it at a more affordable price
  10. . . . - - - . . . . . . - - - . . . . . . - - - . . . . . . - - - . . . . . . - - - . . .
  11. well, personally i think loyalty to a platform is a bad idea... price+games+graphics all count be nice to have one... but never be affordable You have to realise that certain games play better on certain platforms... Thats why we have most gaming platforms at home here. Any way, £160 odd is affordable I think! Damnit consoles go for £300 on first launch! Either way I'd damn well make sure I had the money to get it! in AMERICA, maybe. i've heard a developer (can't recall who) has said never to expect any next-gen console for under £400. thats why i consider it a bit unaffordable and anyway, ii've just got an xbox 1 in january. 2 in the same year is out of the question, at least for me
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