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  1. Hi there In answer to your questions... I'm from a sleepy village called budock water in Falmouth, Cornwall . I am a HUGE film fan (have over 150 dvds) and I write film reviews for my local newspapers. Am currently doing a film studies course at my local college. A fellow student is interested in coming up, but I think it might just be me, as he is worried about getting time off work. I plan to come up on the Friday to have Saturday and most of Sunday at the event before heading back Sunday night. But I've gotta sort train times!. Have been speaking to sarah (surfy_sah) and she says I'll be the only male, and so I hope you'll all be kind! The people I want to meet are Val Kilmer (MASSIVE HOLLYWOOD STAR!) Adam West (BATMAN!) Tom Baker (the best Doctor Who) Brent Spiner (The best cast member of Star Trek) And all the Lord of the Rings people. But most of all I'm looking forward to hanging out with fellow minded fans! That's me all talked out, I've gotta go to bed! Film fan Ben
  2. Lou Ferringo (Hulk out!) Dirk Benedict (A Team) Film Fan Ben
  3. Hi I only found about all this on Saturday, I'd love to go but can't afford a hotel room to myself as well as a train ride from Cornwall! Is there a room left that can be shared? Half the price sounds better than myself not going at all! Ben
  4. Hi I only found out about this yesterday (while skimming through Empire magazine yesterday) I would love to go, but live in Cornwall! Is there anyone from down here going, maybe we could go up together? I want to meet Val Kilmer and Tom Baker! Any reply would be appreciated! Best wishes Ben
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